Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Infrared 23 Yet Another Look

By now, all of you sneakerheads should know that there is indeed a second helping of the 3Lab5 Air Jordan V on the horizons. This time around, all of you sneakerheads will see a black/infrared offering. While the last release was extremely popular, do all of you sneakerheads think that this potentially upcoming colorway can surpass the mark set by the last release? Or is Jordan Brand doing too much too soon? Check out another look at the previously mentioned kicks and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Infrared 23 Yet Another Look

Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Infrared 23 Yet Another Look

Air Jordan 3LAB5
Black/Infrared 23

Photos via kicksordie/xclusive23kicks


  1. Ugliest shit ever. Only reason people want these is because of the hype. Remember when Jordan played (oh yea, most of the “kids” who “love” his sneakers weren’t even born yet) his shoes were siimple and made a statement. None of this wacky color, pink, blah vlah blah. Bullshit. Fuck these shoes, forreal. Give me the Jordan 5 Black / Black – Metallic Silver any day over these abominations

  2. Wowzer McGibbons. Another J that I’ll never get because 1. I can’t be bothered lining up 3 days in advance 2. The chance of copping online is 1:349583948 3. chips 4. lizards

  3. 23 anniversary of the 5. They’re going to come out with as much as possible. But yeah, these I like…

  4. They need to stop fuckin around and put the og shit back out like they did in 2000 with the nike air on the heal. Shit need to do it to all the ogs that had it

  5. they do it because young dudes are reselling and hypebeast (whateva that is)…..have tarnished the sneaker game…..

  6. dont matter another persons dislike is a persons like so if you dont like the shoe stfu cuz bet this fool has all gr shoes and dont even play the dam game himslef with all the shit hes talking


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