Air Jordan 2011 - White/Black
With all eyes on the “white cement” Air Jordan retro IIIs about to drop this month, many haven’t been paying attention to leaks of the Air Jordan 2011. Unfortunately, it looks like this one is going to shape up to be another hate-it-or-love-it Jordan silhouette. Regardless of what you may think of it, the Air Jordan 2011 is going to hit shelves this year and one such colorway will be the white/black one pictured here. Lets us know what you think of it after the jump, and keep it locked with SneakerFiles for release information.

Air Jordan 2011 - White/Black
Air Jordan 2011 - White/Black
Air Jordan 2011 - White/Black


  1. these are actually pretty good.. i would play ball in these what J’s are suppose to be made for.

  2. These are doo. Im an old school Jordan head, these later releases have put shame to the brand. just keep putting out retro’s JB!!!!

  3. Wait, people hate these but accept the XVII’s and XX’s? These are a classic Jordan look. This is coming from someone who HATED the 2009s and 2010s. 2011 are a win – will hoop in for sure.

  4. The xvii were terrible the xx were classic 2009 were terrible but out of the new breed they are probably the best the 2010 are terrible and these are terrible too! so anyone arguing style is telling me that 11s werent the best thing since sliced bread and they preformed the 13s look good and preformed the 14s too! so you can look good and perform thats a crock! they just know society is brained washed and will do anything the the rest of the people w/o individuality do follow trends!

  5. these are gay what happen did jordan hire a k mart designer shit keep up on retros all new nikes are ugly as hell need help in design department bout to give up the shoe game cause every pair is ugly

  6. Forget what everyone else talkin bout these 2011s are fly. They are finally taking it back to the essense of the Jordan. They should also come out in all black or black with just atouch of white. WestPhillySlim

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