The biggest surprise of the All-Star weekend came on game day. We all knew what almost everyone was wearing that night, all except for one. While D. Wade rocked the Varsity Royal AJ 2011s, Ray Allen wore the newly released Jordan in a never before seen colorway. Which ASG AJ2011 do you prefer, D.Wade’s or Ray Allen’s?

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  1. Agreed… The Blackout 2k11 go the hardest, but the topic now are these ASG PE, and I would def COP!!!

  2. Another fresh pair. Watch the haters start loving what they clowned in the beginning! U know who u are. The people that started collecting J’s in 2005. Clowns!!!

  3. Ray has always been the classiest and most respected Jordan Team member… His AJ 2011 are definitely way better than Wade’s…

  4. I’ve got the AJ/2011 in white&black but the versions that Wade wore appeals to me more bc they look cleaner to me but I wouldn’t scoff at a pair of Ray-rays kicks!!

  5. These are raw as hell and be a definite cop for me. But the Red/white/grey’s go hard as hell!! These the only 2 colorways I aint got yet and I hope they bring these Ray Ray P.E’s out like they did the Red/white/greys on Marqueesole. To me they go harder than the YOTR’s

  6. Ayyyyy……Killa Kickz. You right on point bout that! I been collectin’ since ’85 and copped em’ all and I get tired of all these hatin’ ass fools that act like they aint copp’n shit til’ everybody else does and has about 20-25 fake ass retro’s they call a collection!! Lame asses