Last year the Air Jordan 2010 featured an outdoor version made specifically to be able to keep up with the rigorous beatings a sneaker takes while on the blacktop.

This year the Jordan 2011 looks to do the same with the Air Jordan 2011 Quick Fuse. Fuse tech is in place on the upper along with textured leather. Midsole and outsole are similar to the original model with the only difference being there is no interchangeable cushion system.

There is no official release date as of now but look for these to drop sometime during the Summer season.

Via TB

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  1. way better looking than those horrible AJ2010 Outdoors from last year. These actually look pretty decent, I just hope they dont carry the same price tag, fuses are usually about 100 so these shouldnt go for more than 125

  2. These are actually pretty nice. I agree w/MJC that these look a lot better than those fugly outdoor 2010’s. Those looked like “Air Raids” and had some terrible coloways! I’ll probably get a pair of these and hopefully the other coloways will be decent and not those neon glow in the dark colors. And the price should be lower for these as well