The Air Jordan 2011 is by far the best Air Jordan since the AJXX3. From an aesthetic standpoint they look great; from a performance standpoint they’re in a class of their own. Finally, we have some detailed images of the Black on Black CW that everyone has been drooling over ever since they were debuted.

Patent leather, nubuck and subtle white hits are seen throughout making this pair even more elegant than the previous four versions.

So far, Jordan Brand has been very careful with color placements on the 2011… not one pair has been too extravagant. With this being such a great model, it would be great to see some more distinctive colorways in the near future… what colors would you like to see grace the AJ2011’s design? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. They should make a black and red colorway. I like these I would buy them but $170 is a little steep for these but I like the 2011 I think its a nice simple shoe.

  2. I agree with the Black and Red, but not the same red from the White and Reds something more brighter. ANd I also agree with the 170 being too steep, i mean its 160 for retros and thats because they are popular… 170 for a new release is too much.

  3. I like em, but I won’t cop until they reach $100. Seems fair enough since they cost $12 to make.

  4. Im sick of these brokeasses talking about how expensive Jordans are. nobody gives a care about what you think. they’re going to sell either way.

  5. @the dragon I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m not broke at all I could buy a few pairs if I want but why pay that much for these when they will probably go on sale anyway. Until I see a lot of people wanting these then ill wait. Now the bordeaux 7s I’m not worried about the price because those will sell out in a matter of minutes.