Air Jordan 2009 White Black Grey

The Air Jordan 2009 has seen in only two styles and as 2009 approaches, more and more shots of the upcoming signature sneaker are making their way online. However, VMV doesn’t only have just pictures, they are actually selling the possible Air Jordan XXIV (24) in various sizes. One of the colorways that will be released is a combination of white, black and grey. The sleek Air Jordan 2009 consists of a design of mostly white with subtle touches of black, grey and a hologram. The Air Jordan 2009 might bares the classic Jumpman logo except on the insole and tongue, a concept that may not be embraced by true Air Jordan fans. What do you think of the Air Jordan 2009? Make your opinion heard and leave a comment.

Air Jordan 2009 White Black Grey
Air Jordan 2009 – White / Black / Grey

Air Jordan 2009 White Black Grey
Air Jordan 2009 – White / Black / Grey

Air Jordan 2009 White Black Grey
Air Jordan 2009 – White / Black / Grey

Air Jordan 2009 White Black Grey
Air Jordan 2009 – White / Black / Grey

Air Jordan 2009 White Black Grey
Air Jordan 2009 – White / Black / Grey

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  1. fucking bull shit!!!!! dentro/20's/ reebok atr. I wasnt expecting a whole lot but this is a disgrace. After the 11/12's drop JB can suck my manhood and die. What do we have to look forward too? so much greatness left in the wrong hands, looks like the legacy has died………

  2. Are you kidding me? They look like a pair of high heels, are these for women. WTF? These are going straight to Ross/Marshalls, next to shaq's ugly ass shoes. peace

  3. First post bitches these shoes are hot but u gotta let em know who it is put that jumpman on there in chrome r u kiddin me? My first j's for 2009 startin it out killin em. Wit my 11/12 pack on ice. Holla these shoes r fit for the king ya boy $werv1n

  4. Ya mufuckas type quick thought I had 1st post yeah I could do witout the heel I didn't even see that.

  5. they dont need that heel and i know these are 24 but why isn't there a 23 on them. the only jordans i know off hand that didn't have a 23 were the 1s,2, 3s,4s,19,6s,19,22s. atleast put the 23 on them

  6. those r sum straight up bull shit ass shoes man i have been getin jordan's all my life n these r the worse ones that i ever seen jay beezee you need 2 b fired for that bull shit so to save the embarrassment please dont realease that bull shit

  7. Payless Basketball shoe. I might pick them up for 70% off at the Nike outlet. Don't expect these to sell JB, you've lost your touch. just keep the retros coming.

    JB: If you want some killer kicks, hire me, I got plenty of ideas.

  8. So this is what the 24's would look like if they continued with the numbered jays huh?.. it was nice knowing you J.B but your stop ends here.

  9. Nike is doin this so everyone will convert to lebron stuff. lebron 6s are piff and these js (i use the word losely) are crap. coincidence i think not

  10. Rhyno brings up a really really good point though I highly doubt there would be any intentional strategy to tank one sub-brand for another. Nike didn't become Nike by making stupid decisions or destroying itself. NOW, I do agree that they'd really like us to embrace the LBJ line much like Jordan… but die-hards will never let another sig line take that spot. To their credit… the ZL's and Soldiers (NOT the soldier III's… those are stupid) are getting stronger. Still very much a shoe made for the athlete whereas Jordan really strayed from that at some point.

  11. these shits r ugly as fuck…..if i c gentry's bitch ass umma shit on these right in front of him

  12. these shits r ugly as fuck…..if i c gentry's bitch ass umma shit on these right in front of him..cheaaa


  14. These look like they are made of plastic. If someone told me this shoe was going to sell at Wal-Mart for 25.99 I would believe it. They look really cheap.

  15. First off this a basketball shoe not a casual shoe so of course these arent going to look good to people that dont know how to play basketball. 2nd these look better than the AJ XX3 and you guys said the Same thing about the AJ XX3 yall talked about how ugly the XX3 was but most of yall turned out be hypocrites and Hypebeast. Hampster is right i better not see yall in a standing outside of Footlocker/Footaction waiting for these after of these dirty comments.

  16. Ya'll gonna bitch no matter what jordan does. admit it.

    You cry for retros then cry about the details of the shoe, you cry about hybrids but comment on every single 1 that drops.

    you guys cry about the jordan brand every single day and keep showing up afterwards!

    You guys are lucky that street fashion has become so common place or you wouldnt even know who or what jordan is!

    These are BBALL kicks 1st, fashion 2nd…

    If these are so wack do us a favor and start getting into flip flops or whatever it is the queers are wearing and stop coming on here commenting every single day bitching & moaning about nothing…

  17. All you need is a better colorway..

    and people will start dickriding this shoe ..

    your opinion of J's changes depending on the color ..

    People use to say the XV was ugly ..

    but when they saw it in the Countdown pack..

    There was more appreciate for the shoe..

    These are hot by the way .. Feelin the hologram ..

  18. this jordan is a fine shoe. its whats expected. most of you on here didnt even have the originals when they came out anyway. all u have are all the retros. its to be expected as technology enhances and athletes get bigger and better.

  19. Technology is one thing, a hideous shoe is another. They honestly look like they are going to sell at Wal-Mart. It looks like they took very small pieces of the 14 and 23 and put them together with cheap materials. Is anyone seriously going to defend this shoe?

  20. I think this just isn't the best colorway to debut with. The actual shoe is pretty tight! How could you like 12 through 19 and not like these? don't answer that. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I'm done with the whole sneaker thang anyway, but these seem like they will be solid. 11 and 23, best jordans of all.

  21. these look is i walk they will light up im not feelin lookin like something payless would put out after the 11/12 im on SB n dunks

  22. Is it just me or do these ugly ass kicks look like they came off a walmart or payless rack? That heel and sides panels really make it look like shit. After all of the xx3 release I'm retiring from the collecting game. It was a nice 23 year run. But there comes a time ya' just gotta say no. And these convinced me JB has lost their damn minds.

  23. heh when these go on sale at finishline im copping not for casual of course but for hooping they may look bad but they do look like they support your foot well. look at the amount of carbon fiber and the angle of the heel looks like it would sure sustain your foot.

  24. These cats that leave negative sh** are probly the f****s that buy that knock off garbage that is made out of plastic and walk around like they have something on there feet, while the sh** is falling apart ? when the truth is they bought them from a bootlegger I think those f**ks need punishment for buying fakes Please any real jordan fan knows a fake off rip the quality is not there. I can apprecate the the air jordan 2k9 LOOK THEY ARE A B-BALL SHOE FIRST FASHION SECOND AND 3 RD A PEICE OF ART they are going to look nice in my collection and if you dont like em dont buy em

  25. im a jordan collector myself, real air jordan fan, but these dont hold a candle to the rest of the air jordan legacy. not even close!!! i can only say they are decent at best, and i need to see them up close to make a final decision. definitely not worth the $190 price tag! i know they're comfortable, but sorely lacking in the field of art, like the rest of the air jordan models.

  26. Remember the LeBron 6's and what they were supposed to look like.HopefullyJordan Brand is just testing the response.

  27. Eda-Or makes the greatest point, you will complain about every Jordan, no matter what because it's the Golden years in the 90's…but you don't know what it takes to design a shoe, and I'm sure this will play ball just as good as any other Jordan…but JB has had a fallout this year, all the Fusions are killin' it, we need more Tinker magic!

  28. damn…DAMn..this is really bad……………………….DAMN…this is why your wife left u michael..cuz u do stupid shit, and im pretty sure she saw this comming..your are the greatest basketball player ever…but your air jordan brand is seriously dead if you don't pick shit up…=X

  29. NOOOO!!!!! WHAT IS JB DOING. These are not ugly, but they still suck. i wouldn cop em they look like somethin i could get at wally's world. (walmart) and they kinda look like a flea market speacial.

  30. where is da jumpman? if your going to make da fourteens ova please do it in a way that doesn't piss me off


  32. There should be a rule that if one person mentions: Wal-Mart, Payless, or Shaq knock-offs… then nobody else is allowed to! Seriously, they're not bad but I'm not sure they're worthy of the "AJ" moniker… maybe some other JB release but not an "AJ". More Seriously, $190 is STUPID! Yes, the XX3 could demand a high price tag… but let's not keep it there because these are no XX3's. Also, whoever thinks the XX3 was designed to be a basketball shoe first… whatever! It's designed to be a show a pony and I'm totally cool with showing mine off… but they're really not a great hoop shoe.

  33. The diamond thing on the side is pretty bad, and from what i see it looks like alot of shiny-ness off the shoe, design isnt horible but they definently make last years look outstanding( last years were nice!).

  34. steadily growin on me but they still dont look like jz…they look like some sorta…idk like dwades+adidas+womens high heels+a poor attempt at doin somethin dif=aj2k9

  35. DOES MJ KNOW ABOUT THESE FOOT COVERS??? (These are not worthy of the title "Sneaker")this is really sad. Nike has completely gave up. Maybe Nike didnt want the brand (Jordan) that saved their company to completely over shadow them in the Bball shoe market by ACTUALLY PUTTING TIME IN A DAMN SHOE. I could have come up with that show….No seriously the trashcan im looking at could have done a better job on the shoe than the design team for this damn shoe.

  36. This is a shoe I give to my grandmother for mothers day because she keeps complainning of her shoes being to hard….Hold on after looking at the gay little "ruby thing" on the side, I dont think my grandmother would want them…

  37. better be good for hoopin cause i'm definitely not rockin them on the streets, if i am even persuaded to buy them.

  38. every time when i hated it so much in my 1st glance on any Js. turns out I love em the most in the end.


  40. They look a lot better in these pics, but something is still missing, they just look a little plain. Maybe throw some more black in there…

    Air 23 – News, release dates, info, tons of pics, and much more!!

  41. Yall can call it what you want but the damn shoe is gonna sell. Whatever Jordan brings out, ppl are gonna buy them, and like every other J's in '09, its gonna be sold out. point blank.

  42. they look they 14 23 fusions. i kinda like. i wonder if u could play in them with the heel??? anyone know?

  43. man ive been a jordan fan and shoe collector but after seeing these the 11/12s combo is where i am done.these ugly as shit

  44. If i'm still employed in Feb 09 i'm coping these. i like em. They're a different. Outside the box from da number J'z. I cant wait to see all the Team Jordan players with their PE versions!

  45. tinker hatfieLd wouLd kick sum ass over this…….. not feeLin the heeL and idk i think the 14 was hideous anywayz…overaLL i think they shouLdn't reLease this shoe…….and i bought and rocked my 23'z………air jordans 3-6 iLList of aLL tyme

  46. Im glad they putting this out…gives me a chance to get my money right and stock up on some past releases. Keep the wack shit coming JB….

  47. I dont know WTF JB is thinking…they need to stop the fusions, and garbage like this and just roll with retro's…there are still so many different colors of J's they haven't retro'd yet that will sell way better than crap like this, and $190?? The XX3's (most of them) weren't even $190 and they were better than this!

  48. with all these bad reviews, how could they release these so soon after the XX3? Not smart business sense in my book, people gon still be paying out x-mas debt when these drop, but i guess they're trying to do a whole-year-long-colorway release like they did this year…should come with a better Premier than this colorway though, doesn't show the full potential with the design, gotta come correct JB or stay home…very disappointed…better not call them 24's either, 2K9 is better…

  49. i dunno man. they kinda look like they took the jewel from the 13 not the 14 but i wonder if the heel is like shox where theyll rip after running down the court and making quick stops

  50. MJ, we know ur into the coming out of retirement thing, but come on! If this wasn't a J it would tite, but this looks like a pussy running shoe. I mite xpect this from some1 else, but never u air Jordan. I'm going to go hang myself.

  51. i don't seriously understand what you all are fuckin bitching about. You all are going to jump on this as soon as next (this) year gets rolling just like you did with the XX3s, when no one liked those at first either. Everyone here is a fuckin hypebeast.

    Me personally i love the heel on it, it gives it that vintage jordan dress look and femininity, and i think the shoe looks inspired. That's saying alot since i dislike JB and even many of their "retros". Dunno how that will fare on the court and quality is suspect. Also since this is prolly going to be the first yearly-numbered jordan instead of continuing the # tradition (like aj24), it will prolly go up in value as time goes by if its functional.

  52. I totally agree with cloud man! Yall need to stop hating on JB man, every time new jay's come out it's like 'uuggh what the fuck JB?'. If you don't like em' stop buying em' and get in some other shit instead of complaining here all the time man! Btw I'm gonna rock these fo sho.

  53. To all the people defending this shoe: Hop of JB's nuts. This shoe is disgusting. How could you wear this? It is worth nothing. Just because it has a jordan logo on it doesn't mean it is a good shoe. I am willing to bet that if someone put a jumpman on a pair of reeboks you would buy them, for 100+ dollars. All of the people defending this shoe are hypebeasts who are just not thinking.

  54. my road with air jordans has come to a stop after 11/12s package….its time to dedicate myself to air max 90s and 95s and nike retros coming out this year..air griffys any1???penny 3s….

  55. not feeling the heel..a 190 price tag does not help! i really liked the xx3..this model has a lot left to be desired to be honest. the all black is decent but as i said..not sure about this model…let down compared to the xx3…great shoe!