Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Varsity Red - White

It was only a matter of time till the Air Jordan 2009 had more than just the two different color schemes as seen over the past few weeks. This 2K9 features mostly black and is paired with white on the heel and red accents on the sole. This is the third installment in the Air Jordan 2009 and consists of a few tweaks from the black and metallic gold pair which had appeared recently. Release is scheduled for April 4th while the other two will be sold on February 14th. Get your pair early at Sole-Locker. A thank you goes out to John Lyon.

Air Jordan 2009 (Limited Release)
Release Date: 04/04/2009
Style Number: 343084-062
Colorway: Black/Varsity Red-White
Retail Price: $190.00

Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Varsity Red - White
Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Varsity Red - White
Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Varsity Red - White

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  1. Not bad…MUCH better than the black & gold joints…if I had to buy one colorway prolly be deez. The black go good with the gray midsole and gold emblem…. I'm kinda feelin these if I can win a auction at around $150-$170 range. I got my XII's today 1/2 countdown pack to add to my 3 full packs so i ain't gotta where em yet for $160 brand new in countdown box never worn…so anything possible. Good look though finally. Just needed some fresh colors

  2. You know what though ? Thanks JB for saving me mad money as from what I can see I will not be purchasing any "new" J's this year. preciate it

  3. just saw this on niketalk…blk colorway is way better…but still not really diggin em…nor the 190 pricetag…but if they gone on sale…ill cop just so ill have a 09 in my collection

  4. the colorway is garbage wtf do these guys over at jordan callthemselves doing this is SOULFUL

  5. now these hoes look fake ass fuck the heel still looks gay ass fuck. all blk nd gold look better but they would look good in red nd white or blue nd white. no not for 190 i feel u homie nothing good so far. was up on tha gatoraid vi where can i find pics i hope im not mad when i see them lol.

  6. I won't get these. I would rather save my money for the VI's coming out in Feb. Please be infareds!!!

  7. JB maken so much of this bullshit like they are gonna fly off the charts.. this is a waist of fucken money.. these shoes arent worth $190 bucks they jus need that money to make gayer shoes..

  8. I mean tey ugly as fuck man after the 19's Jordan shoe got uglyer and uglyer like Iverson shoe u feel me. And dont Bron shoes look like air force one's he bite'n

    From your Girl friends favorite boyfriend JONES

  9. If you cop this garbage then Jordan will keep making this garbage. SAY NO TO THESE UGLY JOINTS.

    Come on the Jordan XI was made like 10 years ago can't Jordan do any better now than this TRASH?

  10. Im wit buddy at the top of the page. I appreciate them lettin me save my money. Say "NO TO TRASH"

  11. Honestly..better than anything JB is coming out with now..better than ALL fusions..the thousands of 1's. id pay the 30 more for these than some lame 6 fusions…look at it that way. But really all nike shoes are going up in price…in 07 all white forces were 74.99 now those things are 88 this yr. They say forget the economy..raise the price


  13. these shoes can relate to young jeezy

    "Lets talk about hate, cuz i get ALLOT a that"

    "Lets talk about money, cuz i get ALLOT a that"

  14. At least JB is trying to make something of this release…the white/blk and blk/gold is TERRIBLE, but these look bearable…still dont know about the $190 price tag, some pics Ive seen has shown these 2K9's coming with those jordan shoe trees that the XX3 premiers came with but I dont know if they all do or just a certain pair.