Air Jordan 16.5 - Black / Varsity Red

Combining two sneakers to form one is no new design trick for the folks over at Jordan Brand, and today we have our first look at a new Air Jordan hybrid which meshes together the Air Jordan XVI (16) and the Air Jordan XVII (17). Though the elements of the Air Jordan 16 are much more prevalent in this sneaker, hints of the Air Jordan 17 can be found on the lace region which features two rows of laceholes. Components of the AJ16 can be seen via the patent leather toebox, midsole, tongue, and the overall design of the upper. This colorway of the Air Jordan 16.5 is very similar to the Original Black/Varsity Red color scheme of the Air Jordan 16 which released back in 2001. Another interesting aspect of this pair is the word “Jordan” written in braille on the heel. Jordan Brand’s newest hybrid, the Air Jordan 16.5, will be available for purchase in November 2009.

Via Footlocker.

Air Jordan 16.5 - Black / Varsity Red

Air Jordan 16.5 - Black / Varsity Red

Air Jordan 16.5 - Black / Varsity Red

Air Jordan 16.5 - Black / Varsity Red

Air Jordan 16.5 - Black / Varsity Red

Air Jordan 16.5 - Black / Varsity Red

Air Jordan 16.5 - Black / Varsity Red

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  1. these are the best of all the hybrids.. 16.5 are a must have …2009 jays are fire,,, i grabed 3 pairs all ready this year,,, 2k9 just because ,,flint 6 rings in trebute to my flint 13s that i beat the hell up ,,,x mas 2008 cool grey spizikes and fusion 5s red jb making a killing this year..

  2. this b s.the 16 are favorite jordan ever and i bought 2 cdp just my 16 would last.reason i dont like is u must really look at this shi@ to tell the difference . at lease u can lok at the different bottom on the fusion .

  3. not bad.but not many r gonna cop cuz they're gonna be too busy coppin the 12s space jams and other dope shoes releasing around holiday season

  4. this is bs. the 16 are my top best pick for j's and i bought to cdp just so mine would last for years. piss me off that tey looke so much alike they could made in other coloway os something. u must really look to tell the diffrece brom the 16. at lease the fusions have the air force bottom. boobo

  5. These is fire ppls stop the hate these are the best .5 hybrid or wateva you wanna call these they fresh clean and colorway is a classic

  6. The 16's was my favorite Air Jordan shoe. I am so happy the 16.5's are coming out. These look 100% better than any Jordan that has come out this year. I am picking up every pair times 2.

    Hot for sure.

    I hope adidas and reebok get there game up.

  7. nice i just might cop these but come november theres to much heat comin out then and after

  8. Man Trock, I hope you didn't pay full price for them 2k9's cuz they bought to hit the clearance rack in a minute.

  9. I agree, these are the best .5's yet…..I probably won't get these though…and yeah man, the 09's should be in the Clearance rack soon…they're whack!!!

  10. Better than what I thought.

    Check my out on the Bay username: sneakerfreaker06 I have a few gems on there for you guys.

  11. These r alroght but y in november aint the twelves being re released also the numbucks and space its gonna be a really hard christmas to decide man. But I like.

  12. Ha! Best Jordans Ever? Yeah, right.

    Theyre alright…

    Better Than Those Fuckin Hurrendous Fusions-_____________________-


  14. yo if those dots on the back are braille then that is crazyyy. that would kill it! if that is braille ima get em. cuz theyre nice but yeahh theres gonna be a lot of heat this year. and im dying for some bordeaux vii jb please!

  15. These are the best of the hybrids. I wont't be coppin these cause my money will be tied up in the Space Jams and the Black/Red 12s. I will be gettin the Black/Red Dub Zero's in June so these aren't necessary.

  16. who remembers the sketch of the 14.5s i want those instead?

    they looked like they had some promise