We have received a number of emails about the December 20 release of the Air Jordan 11-12 pack. It is a fact that Jordan Brand is delivering an early Christmas gift by allowing us to purchase the Air Jordan 11 – 12 (final countdown pack) six-days ahead the original release date. The pack goes on sale December 20 as a worldwide general store release and on the web. The last (and first) time the Air Jordan XI (11) Black/Varsity Red-White released as a retro was in 2001. Image via: eBay

The Jordan XI retailed at $125 in 2001 then and were released on December 22. Black and Red colorways have been a Holiday theme for Air Jordans through the years.


  1. already got mine reserved at finish line…neva pay a mark up….ill stick to retail. hav u seen the economy ppsshhhh…

  2. Let the chaos begin, I need these shoes in my life. These shoes are crack and I'm the junkie looking to get high, yea it's that serious!!!

  3. cant even wait to get my hands on em been waitin 4 em since last year, it mite be alot of people gettin hurt 4 these!!!

  4. Overrated pack for sure, but if it wasn't for the Taxi XIIs …. I wouldn't desire it. I was able to get the other colorways in the XIIs but the Taxis escaped me.

  5. I'll laugh when the patent leather on the XI's crack when you first wear them……….. Like the ppl before me said.. OVERRATED…. Jordans are just not what they used to be….

  6. Ben had these joe least 2 weeks now wht yall lames no bout it city of the wind get mikes be 4 all jus outta respect

  7. the pack is hype…..bred strap 1's were the best release this year second to maybe carmines. The 12's look pretty nice, but not that great. the 11's might as well be fake with the backwards jumpman…tisk tisk

  8. The XI are soft and so at the XII. I just need those Eminem II . Those are way better then the pack. Already had 2 people try and sell it to me and turned them down. LOVE the brand , NOT the hype!!

  9. I dont understand why ppl would pay and extra 150$ to get them ten days early i mean i love these im coppin them but i can wait ten days yo

  10. man shut the fuck up yungn cane. I had my shit for 2.5 weeks and i stay in louisiana ya dumb bitch.

  11. no reason 2 get them early!

    you still have to wait the same amount of time as us for them to be worth something. wow so u got these 2 weeks before everyone else big deal its not like their extra special u just spent $150 more than everyone else and on saturday you will realize u spent $150….true.

    im getting these saturday morning $310 not $450 or $500

  12. this shyt betta b worth it im gettin mines 2night 360 not really over payin only 40 but it beats stayin outside in this fuvckin cold and them lines r gonna b fuckin longgggg but 450 ya jus fuckin outta yur mind

  13. actually i know several dudes with these in hands and the leather quality is good…quality of both pair are wayyyy better than that of other packs…pack is def most anticipated and if u think its hype that itll sell out in mins…its wed and it was line down block here in ATL at store that release dem early…so sleep if u wanna on em and u WONT hvae a pair dude…

  14. I know they are overrated and that damn jumpman is backwards which iskinda fucked up but I missed out on both pair twice before and its not gonna happen again.

  15. i work at champs but havent been able to try them on cause my manager is tripping but……. some employees that qork at footaction told me that there not even comfortable and that the patent leather looks fake…………… so im kind of skeptical about this package…………..

  16. u talkn overated seat ur broke ass home i like these the best out of all my package forget the economy imma get mines suckas

  17. This pack is not just hype the people sayin that they are overrated are the poeple who aint gonna have the money to get them cuz if the pack was $200 no one would talk shit….best package,best jordan release all year hands down!

  18. Yea ur money aint rite to say they fake def the best thing smoking shit got mine nothin fake about them bad boys

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