Air Jordan 1 (I) Hi – September 2009 Releases

Two new versions of the Air Jordan I (1) have surfaced at select Jordan Brand accounts several weeks earlier than expected. The purple/yellow I (incorrectly dubbed the “Lakers” I) is inspired by MJ’s fraternity, Omega Psi Psi. The other pair to hit prematurely is the versatile black/shadow grey version that features textured leather overlays. Both variations are draped in chenile or “varsity leather.” The Air Jordan I (1) in purple/yellow and black/shadow grey is available now at select Jumpman retailers.

Air Jordan 1 (I) Hi – September 2009 Releases

Via Corporate.

Air Jordan 1 (I) Hi – September 2009 Releases

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  1. mann let the ones diie man they ned to just be put to rest…..oh em gee iim first but who cares let the ones diie JB u guys are treatiing them liike niike dunks SHIIIIIIIITTTTT

  2. ok jordan 1 og colorways are great like these,

    but jb is releasing wayy too much jordan 1s,

    just to put a couple 1s out there that were kinda pointless were all the NEW kids colorways,alot of the high straps,the barons,the cinco de mayos,the hares,olympics,all the polka dots,the guccis,the armed forces,all the low phats,the fathers days,the alphas,the tribe called quest,the easters,and a couple more SHOULD HAVE NEVER CAME OUT AND BEEN SCRAPPED!!!to me they shud of only brought out og colorways or og looking colorways,like the dtrt 1s,and these,but besides the check on the lakers colorway,the 60+ pack and a couple more!!


  3. Laker-Spurs .4 package! dope! hahahahahaha! POINT FOURRRRR!!!!! but i agree to many 1s being released. oh well. they're all nice.

  4. the black and grey ones came out about 3 weeks ago, i bought them at the house of hoops, @ the beverly center. i dont know if they were suppose to sell them, but they had them on the floor. definitely one of the best J1s to date. they have a really great look to them, works well with black jeans.

  5. My fav. J's are the ones, but i agree with most people, let em breatheeeeeeeeeeeeee, lets put out some more 5's & 7's….give us some 6's to work with as well….re-release some of the older ones….like the Old Love/New Love pack, the Max-Oranges…..those All Red/ARMY Ones….how bout re-releasing the AJ1 Hi Strap but with no strap and the Jordan Sign white instead of pitch black as in when you remove the strap… but give it the Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Premier (pewter) model type (with the extra tounge length)….thats just my opinion lol

  6. I agree, re-releasing previews Retro Hi Ones would be a smarter move, especially if they re-release the AJ1 Old/New Love pack….or even individually would be cool, but i'd like em in a pack…The DMP AJ1 Bull/Celtics is cool, but ima still pass on the Greens, Gotta come back out with the Max-Oranges, those were crack, same with those all red J's with the black/red laces…but as far as the wack colorways like the dude mars said, i agree, they should have been scrapped…or in my opinion, they should've posted a voting site, and if it gets mixed reviews but not enough to abandon the movement, release em, and the low phat ones are too pricey, i mean some of em are ok, but not for the price. As far as this picture of these ones (lakers/spurs colorway) they could have made them look better, but i'm just a blogger, not a jordan brand team member!

  7. so basically i'll pass on these, but maybe if they were to go on sale for $30 or $40 (which will not happen) then i'm on it like flies on shit

  8. Aite, so thos spurss ones, hela wack ! look like some ugly asssnikess, buht ttha lakers ones aree raww, even ferr alll thos haters, imaginee yu outt ther with abrandneww pairaa thosee on, with some fitted crispy alll blue leviss, nd awhite teee ! Noww that wouldd look dope ! Nd igot thesee, nd ionlyy paid 65$$ ferr em at True sole, Hightt nd ashburyy, sanfranciscoo california.

    nd some dude just traded me, 4 LRG hoodiess, some RAD vans, Ahundreds hoodie, nd a Kidrobott hoodie nd an LRG shrtt ferr em, so they definatlyy kooo ferr alll youu haters ! Oh nd shoutout to NVS'PRB'NEWBREEDD'UM'MAMA'PGT'VGT'DADA'MA NIGAA THOREO, MA NIGAA BERNADDDD B,ND TYLR D ! YEEE WELL IM finnee hitt ttha bedd, ducess !