Air Jordan 1 (I) Laser

Over the past few weeks, the Air Jordan 1 High has been seen in several forms and variations, but one particular interesting model is the Air Jordan 1 High Laser. The sneaker features an intricate laser design appearing on the mid panel and on the toe box. Furthermore, the rest of the sneaker is composed of a simple black and white color-way and a gum-sole. This particular version of the seems to stand out from the rest of the past Air Jordan 1 models since it incorporate a contemporary concept staying away from the classic two tone look. However, you be the judge and check out all the pictures after the jump. Unfortunately, a specific release date has yet to be announced, but in the meantime keep checking with our Air Jordan Release Date page for further updates. Via Kenlu

Air Jordan 1 (I) Laser
Air Jordan 1 (I) Laser
Air Jordan 1 (I) Laser
Air Jordan 1 (I) Laser
Air Jordan 1 (I) Laser


  1. Strong LS release, I'm gonna wait for the Black/Blue's, and BRED's to drop, but these should appeal to the Dunk collectors too.

  2. TechNutt

    The thing about this shoe is, I think matching gear manufactured by Nike would be UGLY!!!!

    You have to come clean all your own with this one. This is one of those shoes that will either look dope on somebody, or look lame on somebody, depending on how much style they have personally. This is not a "white-tee and jeans" kick LOL!

  3. Oh yeah I heard this is the release info:

    Model: Air Jordan 1 High

    Price: $110

    Product Code: 342132-061

    Release Date: 11/22/2008 (6 days before Motorsports XX3)

    Info: 342132-061

  4. This is one stupid lookin shoe! Not in a good way. Man, jordan is like so over and done with with all the swapping around of shoes. I still say if joe smoe make this in his basement people would say this is garbage, but since it's comin from tinker nem, everybody say the fresh. NOT

  5. man them is hard they will be added to my collection nov 22 im cop'n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ikonradio i cosign that these r not js to be worn by nike gear…personally i dont wear any nike or jordan gear with my js lol…unless im going to hoop…but on a reg like goin out not at all lol…and i couldnt remember 22, or 28th but yea these will drop on 22nd of nov…rite before the motorsports as stated already…

  7. da pics suck ass cuz but da good pics go hard i gotta get dem kix lolz i hav da XX3s now so new and old love!!! lolz idk but deze go hard

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