Air Jordan 1 High Metallic Pack (Do the Right Thing)

First released in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 High Metallic is still sought after today. Now its 2009 and Jordan Brand will release 3 pairs of Air Jordan 1 High Metallics, including two pairs inspired by Sal’s Pizzeria from “Do the Right Thing”, and an unknown Jordan 1 High in White / Black Metallic.

The Do the Right Thing Air Jordan 1 High Metallic Pack will release in July, and will release in white / metallic red, and white / metallic green. On to the white, black metallic Jordan 1, which are an exact match to the Original Samples released back in 1985. Images thanks to our good friends at Wellgosh, which just received a nice Jordan Account.

Air Jordan 1 High Metallic Pack (Do the Right Thing)

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  1. Where did the black and white ones come from? I only remember the red and green ones…oh well, im liking these.

  2. Im Only gettin the Green and the red 1s skip tha blacks.. "DMP2/RAGING BULL/TORO BRAVO PACKAGE" Whos wit me?

  3. Yeessss I will b doin tha rite thing and coppin all 3 pair I'm 1d the fuc up yea dig lmao

  4. …still waiting on the Toro Bravo to drop, i feel ya Cholly Da Beat Man…todays the 6th so only 24 more days *sigh*…tired of all these I's and hybrids and dubzeros and and…DAMN I CANT WAIT!!!

  5. I just noticed on the pic that there are only 8 lace holes. On the Jordan 1 highs there are supposed to be 9…. So the kicks in the pic shown are AJ1 mids not highs. These may be early sample shoes or something unless someone down the line made a mistake and they are in fact mids.

  6. i'd rather get these 3 shoes instead of da toro bravo pack da only shoe i like from dat pack is da 3M n dats it

  7. ^^^ thats what im sayin.tha red ones in tha toro bravo pack look like somethin u can buy at a flea market for $40!!!

  8. the black and white are ok.. But if u copped the "hare" 1's like me than u know these will not compare! I will wait for the retro 12's on the 30th, those are worth hyping about, not these!

  9. Green: INSTANT COP

    Black: Wth, when was this in the pack?! well iunno i'll say maybe.

    Red: INSTANT COP only if they put the red laces back on but other than that, maybe.

  10. I don't get why nobody likes the toro bravo pack that is a real good pack the red suede 5's don't look ugly i guess people just hate on that pack cause they can't afford them and rather get 100 dollar shoes instead so for all you HATERS xFUCKx all of you people just don't know what shoes are great shoes

  11. …Um yeah these pics changed my mind deff not a cop. If anything the black one are an exception….maybe the green cus that my fav color lol. And yes that raging bull toro wateva…. Deff will have that pack. Why? because i can afford it. HAHAHA