Rumors had been floating around for months that a retro version of the legendary Air Jordan 1 KO model might be making it way into stores sometime next year. Although suspicions were confirmed with the Jordan Brand 2010 catalogue leak, the news finally has some visual support, as images of two retro colorways of the sneaker have hit the net. Known for its rarity and canvas upper, the AJKO has become something of legend amongst Jordan fans — many of whom will jump at the chance to get their hands on a pair of the previously unobtainable kicks. Said to release next summer, the model is expected to sport a price tag of $125.air-jordan-1-ko-ajko1



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  1. Yo yo yo son. These shites is flame. I wish girls with fat bottoms would take a lap or two. Also, why do brothers still roll with they bass on 10? Pay yo power bill!

  2. Its about time I had a pair I found at a vintage store for 50 dollars and they got stolen at a comp. I'm excited to get a pair I can wear.

  3. Man I lovin the 1st picture at the top!!!!! I will get them if they look like that. The other 2 samples at the bottom are Retro1s . Cant u people see that!? The first shoe at the top is the real deal. Man!!!!! I cant wait man. Please drop these ASAP!!!!!

  4. ^I agree with this guy. If they look like the first pic, this retro will be epic. I hope it turn out that way.

  5. woooow thats crazy bcuz mad heads was throwin dirt on these wen no one aint kno wat these were an now everyone want to get them cuz they heard they were quote unquote " previously unobtainable kicks" SMH…… but im not sayin that ppl cant change their minds but if yu not gon like a sneaker then dont change yur mind wen yu hear that they're a rare find…. like these sneakers tho 5 stars

  6. I love Jordan's but I'll have to pass. I'm just saying that they look generic, to me.

  7. Before I add my 2 cents, let me state the following:

    I'm an old school head. I was well into grade school before MJ even donned a Bulls jersey.

    Now with that said, I think these are lame. I think some above me kinda already stated that the only reason folks will go for these is because they are considered rare. Once the hypebeast and folks that feel they need these to fill a void in there collection get there pairs, the rest of the batch will be collecting dust on store shelves. I could be wrong, but I honestly don't think the general public will go for these.

  8. These are nice, and they're made of canvas in one part…,

    Can someone tell me what so hot about these "KOs"???

    I know I'm gonna get slammed for asking…!

  9. whoever passes on these are staright idiots. these are not the same as the original ones but these are the knockout edition that were made back in the day. an original pair of knockouts are very rare and expensive, so i know im getting my pair.

  10. I will pass. 1)Not the same toung as the og ajko. 2) It summer 2010… Do you really think the jb isnt going to change the shade of red ( Take a look at the VI 2010 retro) 3) You all a bunch of hypebeasts… Get the actual thing.

  11. good ideaa but the k.o.'s are only hypedd up cuz theyr madd rare..but theyrr just another canvas shoe—ehhh might copp