adidas Yeezy Boost Retailers Availability 2016

Long ago, Kanye West stated that everyone that wants Yeezy’s will have Yeezy’s. Maybe not exactly those words but something along the lines. Thus far, adidas and West has disappointed many sneaker heads as they have missed out multiple times, but there may be a change soon.

Reports are stating that retailers will receive as much as four times the amount of pairs they received before. In 2015, retailers receives about 50 pairs, but with the first release coming in February, stores are expected to have as much as 200 pairs. That’s a huge jump, but will 200 still meet the demands?

Either Kanye West is sticking to his word, or he is on a mission to show that ‘Yeezy Jumped Over the Jumpman’. This will also test if people really like the shoes rather than following for the hype due to how limited they are. Note, this should be treated as a rumor for now as we have yet to hear confirmation from adidas.

adidas Yeezy Boost Retailers Availability 2016

Source: TSG, KickPosters


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