adidas mcgrady ts creator sneakers
Today we have a preview of the new adidas TS Creator line (thanks to our friends at Dime Magazine). Tracy McGrady and Chauncey Billups received special makeups of these lightweight sneakers, which are primarily a guards’ shoe. A great number of basketball players agree that adidas produces the top performance basketball sneakers on the market. For a review of the shoes from an athlete’s perspective, click here!

chauncey billups adidas ts creator

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  1. I've never liked these shoes ever since they came out, yo they need to bring back that TMAC shoe line for real!!

  2. nice shoes!

    Interesting colourway!

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  3. dude these are tight. i will get them now! t-mac is the man aand i dont care what a shoe looks like, i ma get it as long as his name is on it.

    1. Yo Chegz, its Oche. Wondered where you disappeared to. Did a search on facebook and somehow I found this post. Been too long man, holla back if you can.

  4. Yeah I've always balled in Tmacs.

    One of my fave players of all time.

    Kid can go to the rack, shoot and pass… a Creator!


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