Just earlier today we showed you what adidas can do when it is determined to make a proven product even better, through the reworked adidas Skate Campus. But if you thought adidas was getting comfortable and being too stagnant in the sneaker game, then think again. Pictured here is the brand’s newest basketball sneaker- the adidas Roundhouse mid. This particular pair comes in a straightforward black/black-white colorway, but what athletes will notice more importantly is the ankle/midfoot support this shoe is aimed at providing. Furthermore, the touch of suede on the toe area and futuristic look gives this adidas Roundhouse mid a heightened sense of mystique and excitement surrounding it. Be on the look-out for this innovative basketball sneaker, as it has already been made available from at least one online adidas retailer.

Via Mita.

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  1. the back design they took from the nike huarache and the strap and design looks like KD2's. they r just taking design ideas from nike. get ur own ideas adidas, u suck. nike will always be better. buy nike and jordan, not adidas and reebok.

  2. Awesome, great design, cool look, slap a PureMotion on, and I'll play in 'em.

    And lol @ dontbuyfakes, thinking Nike is original SMH, most of their "inovations" were first done by Reebok. :lol:

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