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adidas Roundhouse Mid - Black/Light Scarlet/Ice

adidas Roundhouse Mid – Black/Light Scarlet/Ice

2011 has actually seen a good number of adidas Roundhouse mid colorways, including the solid blue and aluminum version we last took a look...

adidas Originals Roundhouse Mid – Solid Blue/Aluminum – Available

The adidas Originals Roundhouse Mid comes available in the the Solid Blue/Aluminum colorway.  This retro reminiscent sneaker features an all Solid Blue upper, mesh...
Adidas Originals Roundhouse Mid White Black-Orange

Adidas Originals Roundhouse Mid White/Black-Orange

The Adidas Originals Roundhouse Mid receives a Halloween like treatment using white, black and orange. Retro inspired mashing casual style, this Roundhouse Mid...
adidas Roundhouse Mid Iron White Reef

adidas Roundhouse Mid Iron/White/Reef

Adidas's lifestyle department has updated with a new release, known as the Roundhouse Mid. More importantly, a new color scheme has dropped, featuring...

adidas Roundhouse Mid Black/Black-White

Just earlier today we showed you what adidas can do when it is determined to make a proven product even better, through the reworked...