adidas Presents Boost or Bust with Damian Lillard Commercial

Spreading awareness for the all new adidas Crazylight Boost the brand has released a commercial starring Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard called “Boost or Bust”.

This video shows what life might be like if Damian Lillard didn’t play basketball or if adidas didn’t make the Crazylight Boost. Instead, Lillard is shown working in a theatre.

The Bust part would be if Lillard actually worked at a theatre rather than playing professional ball. Bringing the Boost part is Damian playing in the Crazylight Boost at an All-Star level that he does.

You can expect more commercials and social promotion featuring other adidas Basketball athletes like Joakim Noah, Jrue Holiday, Jeff Teague and Mike Conley.

The adidas Crazylight Boost will release on September 1st 2014 for $140.