adidas Black History Month Collection Inspired by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Recently adidas unveiled the 2015 Black History Month collection through their basketball line, which includes signature sneakers from John Wall, Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard while adding to the mix is the adidas Crazy 8. Even better, each pair of the collection is inspired by the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Apart of the collection is the adidas D Rose 5 Boost, J Wall 1, D Lillard 1 and Crazy 8. All share a similar look and feel with inspirational quotes while using a black and gold theme. All three athletes will debut the sneakers on Martin Luther King Jr. day.

According to the press release, each sneaker has it’s own story:

adidas Crazy 8 – “Fundamentals are the Foundation for Excellence – ‘61 –‘65”
adidas Crazy 8 Black History Month 2015

The Crazy 8 features a canvas upper to pay homage to basketball shoes of the 1960s, while the upper’s cracked texture and sockliner echo the blacktop courts of Harlem where Kareem first honed his game. The purple and gold sockliner colors represent Power Memorial Academy, where Kareem led his high school team to record-breaking success which included a 79-2 record and national championship.

adidas J Wall 1 (signature shoe of Washington Wizards guard John Wall) – “Rules are What Make the Game Challenging – ’65 – ‘69”
adidas J Wall 1 Black History Month 2015

The J Wall 1 upper and sockliner features the words “Rules are What Make the Game Challenging” to represent Kareem’s career at UCLA, during which the college game banned dunking because of his dominance. Kareem still persevered and owned the era, leading the Bruins to three national championships and an 88-2 record during his time on the team.

The blue and gold sockliner features a hardwood print that pays homage to Pauley Pavilion, where Bruins’ basketball has called home since 1965.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost (signature shoe of Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose) – “The Hook Shot is Worth a Thousand Words – ’69 – ‘75”
adidas D Rose 5 Boost Black History Month 2015

The D Rose 5 Boost upper and sockliner feature the words “The Hook Shot is Worth a Thousand Words” to represent the signature shot that defined his career. Drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks, Kareem’s immediate impact and signature sky hook helped the Bucks win an NBA championship in 1971 and saw him earn the first three NBA Most Valuable Player awards of his career.

The red and green sockliner represents Milwaukee Bucks team colors, while the pattern pays homage to the famous radio tower that broadcasted Bucks games over the airwaves in that era.

adidas D Lillard 1 – (signature shoe of Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard) “When the Music Changes, so Does the Dance – ’75 – ‘89”
adidas D Lillard 1 Black History Month 2015

This shoe features this mantra on the upper and sockliner to represent the years that cemented Kareem’s legacy as one of the NBA’s greatest players and brought five NBA Championships to the “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers. Kareem’s consistent low post-scoring, rebounding and rim-protection helped LA become one of the most successful basketball dynasties of all-time. The purple and gold sockliner represents the classic Lakers colors while palm trees represent LA scenery.

During this period of his career, Kareem began to practice yoga regularly, which he said drove his longevity and consistency in the league. The move to Hollywood also opened up additional opportunities for him, including a classic cameo in the movie “Airplane.”

The Crazy 8 will launch on January 23rd for $110, the J Wall 1 ($115) and D Rose 5 Boost ($140) releases on January 30th while the D Lillard 1 drops on February 6th 2015. Proceeds from the sales will go to the Sky Hook Foundation.

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