A Bathing Ape Bapesta x DC Comics

Some of the most popular Bathing Ape Bapesta’s is the Marvel Comic Super Hero Series, now Bape will launch some special Bapesta DC Comics Super hero’s series. The following DC Comics Super Hero’s will have there own Bape shoe: Batman, Superman, Flash and Wonder Women. Each color way is inspired by the Super Hero costume. Rumor has it they will release in July. Via HB.

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  1. FINALLY real batman general releases.

    cause all the batman bapes that people are rocking are fake.


  2. This dude took the words out my mouth, every brand formed after the 80s can suck my balls because they can only bite off of the real brands

  3. I already made every superhero on Nikeid long before Bape Sta gay ass brand, It's really not a hard concept to think of

  4. I like to lick all the balls I can…

    where u guys at that need your balls licked?

    I am on my way…which super hero would you like me to dress up as…as if dressing up like a superhero isn't gay enough ya'll gotta be asking people to lick your balls?

    Damn, too bad there are no sneaker ladies in here asking to get there pussies licked to…it's always just a bunch of balls….darn it.

    I was lying about wanting to lick balls…I really don't like to do that…

  5. mel said

    am July 18 2007 @ 11:08 am

    Where can you buy real bapes at?

    U can buy real Bape shoes at the actual stores in NYC or LA!! You can try your luck online but you never know if they are or fake!

  6. These shoes are awsome! aha

    but im thinkin they should make Spiderman oness

    but where the hell do you get bapes from anyways?

  7. Dese all dope, but the Flash and da Wonder Womans go dumb hard. ooooo, Red Yankees diamond fitted, Red Bape sweater, True Religons and some Flash bapes and im ready to go nikka!

  8. doz n-e body know where to get the thor bapes with his face on the side and NOT his dumb hammer

  9. the are at least $250

    real hard to find authentic ones but

    Pondon Ebay Store has real ones and kixclusive.com has them directly from the Bape Store in NYC

  10. you can buy da marvel and dc comic bapes on rarebapes.com. they got some hot kicks, but just dont get da gold/clear bapes(im pretty sure they fake.)

  11. and also: the limited edition superman,batman,wonderwoman,the flash bapes r $135.

    the limited superman,batman,wonderwoman,the flash bapes r $150.

    all da marvel bapes(hulk,spiderman,fantastic 4,capn. america, thor and avenger) are $90.