A Bathing Ape Bapesta - Metallic Aoyama Edition

After seeing the Bape Bapesta Metallic Pack, A Bathing Ape makes us wonder why another Bapesta was made in a metallic colorway when a metallic pack was just made beforehand. This time though, the Bape Bapesta comes in a metallic gold/metallic silver colorway, which is a combination of the metallic pack’s two colorways. The upper is completely metallic in gold and silver, and is contrasted nicely by a white midsole and grey sole and inner lining. The stitching found throughout the shoe is also metallic, to complete this metallic shoe. These are Aoyama store exclusives but there are limited pairs elsewhere.
Via hb.

A Bathing Ape Bapesta - Metallic Aoyama Edition

A Bathing Ape Bapesta - Metallic Aoyama Edition

A Bathing Ape Bapesta - Metallic Aoyama Edition

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  1. wat clothing could u possibly wear that works with these? these are just tooooo much to look at.

  2. trailer park steeze dez thangs cost $250 and can only buy one im not saying these fresh but if anybody gets a pair of these………..ebay or rockin dem wit a white tee

  3. stop doin dat bape is still ok at least the flavors arent as nice as they used to be but still. oh yeah stop sayin dey are fake nikes cuz if u ever had some bapes u would kno that the shoe is just made much better more comfortable and lasts longer people always say dat because nobody never had no real bapes or seen em close up.

  4. GARBAGE!!!! they better pay me some good cash flow for me to wear Bapes, if ima look like "B-Rat", I better be getting' Paid!!

  5. Fake Nikes!!! The concept is from a Nike Air Force One!!!! So they copied the shoe. Therefore it's a fake Nike. You can't just copy a classic and make it better…thats fraud homie, and anyone wearing these clown shoes just got robbed.

  6. these go hard! bape still reigns supreme …step your shoe game up…BRING BACK THE FORUM! ASSHOLES!