A Bathing Ape Baby Milo Bapesta

A Bathing Ape has showed us its versatility over the past few months and delivered a few models that drifted away from their traditional silhouettes, however their Bapesta is popular as ever a new Baby Milo model featuring a patent leather made up of different shades of Green, Blue and Pink. The Baby Milo models will also be released along side matching apparel this Saturday at the A Bathing Ape store in Hong Kong. Via Hypebeast.

A Bathing Ape Baby Milo Bapesta
A Bathing Ape Baby Milo Bapesta
A Bathing Ape Baby Milo Bapesta

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  1. I still dont understand why ppl buy these…. bapes are basically imitation of forces so why not just cop some forces…

  2. yeah, i dont get why anyone ever liked and actually purchased bapes to begin with. no offense, but taking the logo off anything and putting a shooting star in place of it is fruity as hell. they should have just put the colorways to work in a collab with nike on ones instead of just making their own shoes that look like some corner store ripoffs

  3. why do ppl try to make fake bapes?!?! thats the stupidest shit I ever heard. trying to make fakes for a fake sneaker to begin with is just pointless…

  4. bottom line is that bapes are AF1 wannabees and kill the shoe itself cause they making like 100 colors of the same shit that werent even their design to start with which clearly proves that they cant think of a shoe of their own and some of the shoes that were from bapes are ugly as hell and souljaboy wears it which makes me wana not wear it even more

    Soulja boy killed hip-hop

    bapes killed AF1

  5. Some Bapes are fresh…..but very few. The price of Bapes shoots themselves in the foot. I rather rok clean ass AF1s than twice the price Bapes

  6. dude. if yall dun like bapes y dyu look at them ahaha. soulja boy killd bapes. i agreebut kanye n pharrell n busta rhymes started it mainly. theyr nice if u can pull them off. errbody dat says bapes look liek shit, yall just cant pull it off.

  7. i agree with richard, i kno i can pull off just bout every shoe. selling copied designs for twice the price is stupid, but bapes are more exclusive tho. and they match well with the bape clothes that are hot as hell.

  8. some design are tuff tho like tha whole super hero jumpoff if nike could pull tht off man tht would be hard.

  9. AF1S and Js are just something you wear on your feet they really don't have any personality or uniqness bapes make statements

  10. ayo stop hatin, these are $190, they got a dope color way better for the prices of other kicks out there.