2008 Nike Air Max 90 Hybrid Preview

Coming next year Nike will fuse the Air Max 90 with the Free. The picture above is of the first pair of Air Max 90 Hybrids featuring an original “Infrared” color-way. After the jump the second hybrid pair and a new pair of regular mesh Air Max 90’s can be seen. The hybrids have been set for Indie Release and will be sold sometime around Fall ’08. Via [email protected]

2008 Nike Air Max 90 Hybrid Preview
2008 Nike Air Max 90 Hybrid Preview


  1. The black and green pair is pure heat. The other two are so-so. I like the toe box design and the fact that its mesh, something nike has owed us for a long time. I'm still kinda iffy about those outsoles…I'll have to see em in person to make my final decision as to weather I'm gonna cop or not.

  2. Kinda useless without a picture of the bottom of the shoe… 😛

    Is this only going to have the free articulation in the front? Interesting…

  3. Love the mesh toe box on both pairs 0f 90s. Still undecided about the hybrid pair. Nike is definately going overboard on this whole hybrid phase. It seems like every hybrid they put out is some other remix of the Air Max 90's! Other than the 90/360 combo, I wish nike would just keep it classic!

  4. Like the Free forefoot and mesh for the toebox. All mesh up front gets me nervous without the plastic toe piece like on the Air Max Plus or the Prestos. What’s stopping me from blowing that out or ripping the mesh?

  5. free tech front = ruined arches. Plantar facitis? It's like the ebola for feet.

    I love my shoes, and I love my feet.

  6. I've really been hard on the hybrid thing since they started mashing kicks together but, I must say these are pretty good. I feeling the OG infra red colorway and, the black colorway with the green bean soles. I like the white colorway(VERY CLEAN AND, PURE)but, what's with the soles on those? That multi-color thing ruins them. Over all they look hot as lava(sans the white ones). I can't wait to see an actual pair of these hybrids. Untill the drop…3 ***'s and a 1/2 outta' 5.


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