SneakerHead Spotlight: SplashKicks

SneakerHead Spotlight: SplashKicks


This week SneakerHead Spotlight is on SplashKicks.

Splash Kicks whose real name is Kenyatta lives in Centralia, Illinois. You can tell by watching his videos he knows a lot about sneakers.

Not only does SplashKicks feature new releases, he talks about kicks which all of us love to do. Overall, his channel is a great one to subscribe to.

We asked him some questions, one being what are his favorite 2012 releases that he obtained?

Stop by SplashKicks channel and Subscribe.

SneakerHead Spotlight: SplashKicks


  1. BY FAR The Best SneakerHead SpotLight EVER. in My opinion and i’ve seen them aLL i Love watching them when they drop. Props to the homie SpLash Kicks for having such fresh Shoes. I Said to MyseLf uptempo air pippens Right before he puLLed em up. . .GREAT VIDEO. . Great Shoes. . i Loved every shoe he had. . . Anyone who try’s to top this video is going to have there work kut out for them. SneakerfiLes You guys Need to do a sneakerhead spotLight on someone with Lots of Customs. . .