Reebok Shaq Attaq “Ostrich”

Reebok Shaq Attaq “Ostrich”


Reebok Shaq Attaq Ostrich

While the Reebok Shaq Attaq has already donned a wide arrange of colorways. For this latest pair, it looks like the folks over at Reebok have more of a luxurious feel in mind as we have our very first look at the “Ostrich” Shaq Attaq. Fully equipped with a mix of faux ostrich skin with regal gold touches, this iteration is by far the classiest look we have seen grace the popular silhouette. Read on after the jump for another quick look and be sure to keep checking with SneakerFiles for more on these kicks.

Reebok Shaq Attaq Ostrich

Photos via greatdame1

  • Jerry Whiteside


  • Eddie Redice

    they should be called the “trinadad james’s” cause theyre gold and ugly as F lol

  • Rich Derese

    The Shaq Attacks are the fuckin sickest! Not this color though hahahaha

  • Johnathan Rivera

    Yo those are sick

  • Bronwyn LouisedonovanSchroeder Elizabeth

    well you know, the shiny thing; I like that type of shine.

  • Clint Hacksaw Edwards

    Grant Shanahan

  • Vince G. Toro Rodriguez

    Jason Williams Elbow Pass

  • Shaun Smith


  • Chad Selley

    Allen Ravell u need these. Neil Poel hahahhahaha

  • Carlos Linares

    I remember when in the movie accepted this kid was like “i want the pump” lol

  • Allen Paul Ravell

    Chad Selley go jump Neil Van Der Poel I don’t want to hear it

  • Damian Soto

    Adrian Sullivan Cesar Palma

  • Eddie Redice

    Trinadad james edition

  • Maurice Mo Rogers

    I want them

  • Abel Tormenta

    I had those shoes with the pump #Throw back

  • Davon Allen

    those are nice, tho

  • Adriana Lucas

    I’m sorry but these look like they came from Wal-Mart

  • Woody Wood

    Them shits Are Wack I Had A Pare Of Them In THE Erley 90 You Can Pump Them up

  • DeAirus Goines

    dese Rite here Clean tho

  • Ron Jones

    The og colorways n da brick n christmas past 1’s r tuff these r questionable but w da right fit anthingz possible

  • Fernando Perez

    Cuanto or how much

  • Saul Valles

    Chingo bling has them Nikes de avestrus

  • Joel Altman

    Ostrich pumps! Bet Domonique never wore those!

  • Emanuel Byers Jr.


  • Jowin Lamberte Silaras

    Wow reebok

  • Samuel Cisneros

    Mikey Rios Jr. This hoes sick Cuz, sure bring back your childhood,

  • Hutch Mcwilliams

    whats the price

  • Mikey Rios Jr.

    oh yea!