Reebok Question Mid “Ghost of Christmas Future”

Reebok Question Mid “Ghost of Christmas Future”


Reebok Question Mid Ghost of Christmas Future
Back in October, we did a story on the Reebok Question “Ghost of Christmas Future”. This sneaker is part of Reebok‘s three sneaker pack called the Ghost of Christmas which references the famous Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. The Christmas pack also consists of Kamikaze II Mid “Ghost of Christmas Past” and Shaq Attaq “Ghost of Christmas Present”.

While the former two pairs donned Christmas colors such as red/white and green/neon green color schemes respectively, the Ghost of Christmas Future is finished off in purple hues. A combination of purple glitter material and suede leather sit side by side on the upper, while contrasted by vivid red lining. Clean white midsoles are accented by purple Hexalite cushioning system.

The release date is unknown, but check back with Sneakerfiles as more information becomes available. Until then, let us know what you think about these shoes.

Reebok Question Mid Ghost of Christmas Future
Reebok Question Mid Ghost of Christmas Future
Reebok Question Mid Ghost of Christmas Future
Photos via Wish ATL.

  • Drew So Wavy


  • Eddie Redice

    I would have name em “sizzurp”

  • Jose Kaponi G-m

    daaaam nastyyy

  • Vonta Grayy

    Quandra Payne was these the 1s u was talkin bout??

  • Bill Khang

    Nhia Thao

  • Anthony Johnekins


  • Quandra Payne

    No the red and white

  • Vonta Grayy

    oh ok Quandra Payne

  • Lisa Scott

    Rip off of the old Nike air zoom from the 90’s.

  • Terry Carter

    Eric Hill

  • Mohammed Al


  • Mark Andrew Sibayan

    Madami s cartimar nyan mya yoh…

  • Mark Cheze Hasan Qureshi

    The purple goes hard but theses a lil too much else going on

  • Rufus Atkin

    I hate those shoe but love nikes only

  • Keeshe Harris

    Saw these yesterday

  • Davon Allen

    Nice and hard

  • Brady Andrews

    Seen theses at the mall yesterday lol

  • Royce Gaylor


  • Kevin Aaron Maxwell

    rem., fire dept. that night i called ’bout the lady in the railroad tracks. charles is first name bikeman is wat they call him, larry destroyed all my friendship of in person type. he said i have NO friends when i was in elementary school.

  • Leon Yao

    Damien Qiu fiyaaa

  • Faizan Khan

    Nathan Kulkarni

  • Farid Farid


  • Jake Gatsby


  • Ryan Bullitt

    I’ll just hoop n those…

  • Thomas Tmack Vogtman

    They hot, but wouldn’t cop…

  • Thomas Tmack Vogtman

    Nevermind I think I would.

  • Chris Mckinney

    emmit smiths?

  • Evan Jackson

    its not white its purple