Nike Sportswear – October 2009 Releases

Nike Sportswear – October 2009 Releases


Nike Sportswear
‘s October line-up is quite an impressive one, the collection spanning a variety of popular silhouettes. We’ve seen previews of a few of these models over the past couple weeks, like the speckled Nike Dunk High and Nike Auto Force 180, but some colorways — most notably the Purple/Blue/White Blazer High — come as a pleasant surprise. You can take a look at the entire collection after the jump.






Via Highsnobiety

  • jc

    the air maxs are sick and the blue and purple blazers are pretty sweet

  • keith

    agreed on the blazers, but there aren't any air maxes in this set, jc.

  • JC

    yo when is the nike blazer coming out the one that has PURPLE WHITE AND BLUE

  • Jay in the Bay

    Keith what are you talking about? what are those white red and blue shoes in the picture than? Aren't those air maxes

  • SouthPeezy

    Nope Jay.. those are Triaxs I believe.. I mean, they are Air Maxes, but a sub brand.. so purists wouldn't refer to them as such nah meanskee?

  • Angel


    im not much of a blazers fan it looks right on some ppl tho

    i might cop between the 1st 2

  • piglet

    the blazers are sooo ill; def coppin those

  • Bucky

    Whens the droppp?????


    i dont kare