Nike LeBron X (10) “bELieve” Customs for Eric LeGrand by Mache Customs

Nike LeBron X (10) “bELieve” Customs for Eric LeGrand by Mache Customs


LBJ X bELieve Mache

Custom design master Mache Customs has another surprise in store for sneakerheads that enjoy sports as well as other sneakerheads that may lack inspiration. A few years back, Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand was paralyzed making a play in his junior season. Mache and Mr. Legrand teamed up to create a custom pair of the popular Nike LeBron X model that is decked out in Eric’s alma mater’s colors as well as his motto “bELieve” on the outside ankle. The color blocking on the piece of art is amazing and even has LeGrand’s number 52 placed in black on the dark red heel.

I’m sure Eric LeGrand loves his Nike LeBron X (10) “bELieve,” and we appreciate Mache Customs for creating and letting us see a preview before he shipped it off. How do you feel about these ill customs? Let us know in the comments sections below and stick to Sneakerfiles for more info and updates on everything sneakers!

LBJ X bELieve Mache

Via Mache

  • Juan Guevara

    Where do u buy them

  • Antonio Torres

    WHO IS 52

  • Sharif Shukaifa

    Sara Douba haad elii shghel tshthiii haaad beswaaa alf model

  • Amy Churchman

    Em Joseph what do you think of these?

  • Sara Douba

    Sharif Shukaifa hahaha eh wallah aslan el models fi malan :p

  • Sharif Shukaifa

    lk ba3diiiin mtlo mtl el syrian flag bs without green stars esh bdii a7san mn hik bla model bla batiikh

  • Sara Douba

    Sharif Shukaifa bl akhir mafi mn tnenaton :p

  • Sharif Shukaifa

    why why do you have to destroy my dream why

  • Jason Joseph


  • Em Joseph

    Don’t quite like Amy Churchman.

  • Laruo Charles Domnick


  • Sara Douba

    Sharif Shukaifa sorry :C

  • Sharif Shukaifa

    hahahahah 2aal sorry 2aal bs jadbe

  • Michael Andrews

    Lebron kicks are jst ugly

  • James Lyle

    Matthew Gibson

  • Matthew Gibson

    Those are dope

  • Doug A Boss Morgan

    I have them but there the high lighters

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  • HyunMin Kim

    김의수 헐 이건 탐나…

  • Tomorae Brinkley

    Gotta get those

  • Christine Resto

    Love them

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