Nike Foamposite Pro ‘Electric Blue’ & ‘Army Green’ Teaser

Nike Foamposite Pro ‘Electric Blue’ & ‘Army Green’ Teaser


Nike Foamposite Pro 'Electric Blue' & 'Mutant Green' TeaserNext year we will see the Foamposite One ‘Pewter’ & Foamposite Pro ‘Electric Green’ release.

Add to the lineup an ‘Electric Blue’ Foam Pro & ‘Army Green’ Foam One and you have quite a few more Foam based options for next year. There are no release dates or release confirmation as of now, but 2011 looks to be the year of the Foams.

Also note the top right sneaker. These are being rumored as the Nike Zoom Rookie LWP, a brand new Penny Hybrid, following the success of the Nike ½ Cent.

Are Foams getting the Nike Dunk and Air Jordan 1 treatment? Let us know what you think…

Via EyeSeeSoles & @SneakerboxClyde

  • Big Wolf


  • Mikey Guz

    Army green! Def a cop

  • alexandru

    what are the white/black on the right side of the picture? they seem to be foams also. they have the same outsole as the pro’s.

  • Avery Whittz

    Im going to go ahead and set aside $1k just to buy foams, from the royale’s to the army greens, they all will be bought. Sick collection, those Eletric Blue are sooooooo pure. Its gonna be a Wett summer. Just Imagine walking on the beach with the sun reflecting off those Eletric Blue foams, owwww

  • Nezzworth

    can someone tell nike to lower the prices for these damn!! 200 per pair, AND theres mad pairs to cop smh

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Electric Blue is the truth….I wonder where this photo was taking…would have loved to been there damn!

  • Sean

    Electric blue foams are a must cop.If they are released early I will pay extra.2011 is going to be a good year for us sneakerheads and a bad one.Its going to be good on the many releases and bad for our pockets.

  • GOD

    that army green is FIRE!

  • Neal B

    Are those griffeys in the back?, in the blue and white? I gots to have them where can I get them at?

  • shakthebully

    Doooooooope im coppin all them shits

  • Wiz Khalifa

    Aye man,what are them shoes above those electric green foamposite? I GOTS to have em!

  • Jay

    electric and pewters is nice, but pine green foams are fucking ugly they look like baby shit

  • alex

    Word out that the elctric blue pro foams are coming out july 1st! Right before my Bday!