Nike Air Max Lebron VII “Dunkman” Available

Nike Air Max Lebron VII “Dunkman” Available


The Nike Air Max Lebron VII “Dunkman” has gotten a lot of coverage since we laid eyes on the very first picture we ever saw of it. However, we now have a way for you to try and get your hands on this very popular Nike Air Max Lebron VII colorway which are now available eBay. Click here to purchase these on the ‘bay…

  • Ruben

    They aight, the all stars are better. Remind me of the Gatorade Uptempo's that I have so I'll be passing on these.

  • typecastaaron3

    these are definately dope. these and the red carpets seem dopest CW's so far to me. i got the christmas ones and they are dope but the allstars are kinda a little out there.

  • th@_r3@ll3$t

    looks like the air max uptemp black/neons lol Booooo!!!!whack!

  • w1tness_this23


  • Jstrizzo

    these are dope, i need a pair of these but not for 200+.

  • Stuntastic

    @Ruben: I agree the All-Stars are way better than these IMO. I just can't see what all the hype is with this colorway. Oh well, to each his own


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