Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross + Swizz Beatz – Reebok Back Music...

Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross + Swizz Beatz – Reebok Back Music Video


Reebok Back! After we showed you a behind the scenes look at Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Swiss Beats “Reebok Back”, the official music video dropped today. Everybody in the video is Reebok fitted from head to toe, and some of the sneakers you will see are the Kamikazes and Twilight Zone Pump. Enjoy.


  1. I'm sure they are making a boat load of cash for reppin' Reebok, which is great and I would get that money to, BUT I'm pretty sure that is called being a straight sell out. I would bet a grand that if you looked back at Swiss' and Rick Ross' old picture and performances older than a year old (which is prob when they signed the deal)
    You wouldn't see them rocking anything Reebok, maybe a pair of classics once or something, most likely not though. If you offered them a pair of almost any Jordan that came out around the same time as the pump, prob the 5,6,7s somewhere in there and they would always take the Jays.

    Straight Sellouts!!!!*

    *they are making more for this than I will in my life, but they still are sellouts and now except for Swiss, who has his own design will have to where shoes they don't like, that would suck.