Jordan High Fashion Sneaker Concepts

Jordan High Fashion Sneaker Concepts



Personally, I’ve always believed sneaker artists are some of the most talented people walking the earth. To be able to take sneaker models that have already been released in a wide range of silohettes and designs, let alone colorways, takes a great level of creativity and vision. Canada-based graphic artist Dead Dilly created eleven classic Air Jordan concepts with high fashion brand influences like Raf Simons, Balenciaga, and more. The entire Air Jordan High Fashion sneaker concepts pack includes:

  • Air Jordan 1 x Yves Saint Laurent
  • Air Jordan 2 x Alexander McQueen
  • Air Jordan 3 x Maison Martin Margiela
  • Air Jordan 4 x Raf Simons
  • Air Jordan 5 x Hood By Air
  • Air Jordan 6 x Versace
  • Air Jordan 7 x Balenciaga
  • Air Jordan 8 x Haruki Murakami
  • Air Jordan 9 x Bernhard Willhem
  • Air Jordan 10 x KRISVANASSACHE
  • Air Jordan 11 x Givenchy

According to Dead Dilly (and I quote) “The idea was to make fake collaborations between Jordan and Higher End brands. That’s all.” Dead Dilly absolutely bodied the whole sneaker game with this project! Those Versace and Raf Simons concepts are wavy as I don’t know what! Which of these are you feeling the most?


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