Discussion: Resellers

Discussion: Resellers


Resellers, are they good for the sneaker game or cancers to our beloved addiction?

This is something that I personally think about quite often… my opinion on them varies greatly upon the scenario in which they present themselves.
There are, in my opinion, three types of resellers.

1) Your average Sneakerhead who goes through bouts of spring cleaning every so often in order to make room for new sneakers, get rid of pairs that are rarely used or even those who wish to get out of the sneaker game altogether.
2) Consignment shops
3) Then, there are the blatant resellers who do what they do strictly for profit.

All three types of resellers present themselves daily within the sneaker community… but what do they do for us in general; are they a positive influence or deterrents to those of us who clearly have a passion for our sneakers?

My take on each, as stated above, varies greatly depending on the situation.

1) The first type of resellers isn’t really a reseller at all. They are just like us, most likely it is or was us at one point it time. Cleaning out your closet/collection is something that most of us do. Sorting through sneakers like baseball cards, picking and choosing which we can part ways with and those who shall remain with us. There are many reasons for removal of certain pairs; they may just be taking up valuable space and collect dust hindering us from efficiently adding to our collections with newer releases, maybe were in a bind and could use some quick cash or maybe the flame has abruptly blown out and those once beloved sneakers just aren’t that important any longer. Whatever the reason, this type of reseller adds a certain after market that is gladly welcome to the community as it allows us to obtain kicks for less and even find some steals and deals amongst ourselves.

2) Consignments shops at times have been confused with the term reseller, again just my opinion. Yes, they resell shoes. Yes, they are sold for more than retail more often than not. Yet this isn’t typically bad at all. Most consignment shops buy, sell and trade… and that’s it. The only new releases they carry are those obtained from trades or from those looking for an easy and carefree way to get that quick cash we may be desperately in need of. I tend to think of consignment shops as more of the flea market or swap meet of the sneaker community.

Example; September 22nd, 2006… This is the day my daughter was born. A day that every parent remembers for years to come as the day their lives had changed forever… for a Sneakerhead like myself, it means this as well as the day the ‘Grape’ Air Jordan V Retro released, a release I had anticipated for months and when the time finally arrived to purchase one of my all time favorite shoes… my daughter decided she wanted to join our little family. As you may have assumed, I was unable to squirm my way out of the hospital to purchase a pair. This is where a Consignment Shop is my savior, a fair price on a pair of kicks I just happen to have missed out on. In a way, these shops bring life into the community the same way the first type of reseller would… keeping the fire blazing for those of us who are in constant need of adding to our massive addiction.

3) Lastly, the blatant reseller. These types of resellers are somewhat of a cancer to our community. They are most likely Sneakerheads like us, but they are more like the convicted rapist that live three houses down, nestled within our lovely community that we are so very proud of. These resellers stockpile shoes, newly released shoes, claiming the most exclusive & limited as their prized breadwinner. Leaving no rock left unturned, they hunt down multiple size runs of sneakers strictly for profit. Greed is the root of all evil; this is greed at its finest.

Did you camp out for the YOTR AJ7s? Were you one of the first ten people in line? When you finally came up to purchase your shoes were you told they were no longer available? Did you then jump online and see list upon list of YOTR 7s available on eBay and other personal seller sites, listed for $350-$400?!? These people took the shoes you wanted… the kicks you had waited outside 11+ hours for, only to be notified that they were abruptly out of stock when you know your position in line nearly guaranteed you at least one pair.

Some will argue, you snooze you loose… having made connections at retail chains, purchasing dozens of sneakers while employees never once notify the customers waiting outside that there is only large sizes available before doors even open… you never even had a chance to get these shoes, and you never even knew it. That isn’t snoozing, that’s being hustled.

Supply and demand, otherwise known as hype, has never been higher in the sneaker community as it is today. Resellers run rampant taking advantage of this which ends up screwing over lot of people who just wanted a certain pair of shoes.

There are three major types of resellers; the average Sneakerhead just looking to get rid of a few things, the Consignment Shop whom attempts to fill the missing piece to your collection and the blatant reseller whom stalks his prey patiently in order to get ahead no matter whom is screwed over in the process.

What are your thoughts on the subject; are resellers good for sneaker community overall or do they irritate you more than yellowing translucent soles?

Speak your mind and share your stories/ thoughts below.

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  1. I camped out for the cool greys and there were ppl in line sayin I don’t even want them im reselling them. So obviously dudes were plotting to take this kids head off because they’ve been in line since 4am along with him. All the pushing and shoving is unnecessary and I feel like if you’ve been in line you should get a pair. It shouldn’t be this hard to get some shoes. Can’t knock the next mans hustle but its annoying as hell. something better change when the concords come back out cuz some resellers are gonna get hurt.

  2. Problem is, as much as we hate them. as long as there’s people willing to pay triple the price, resellers will always be there. I guess we just gotta wake up an hour earlier than them to get kicks we want. Which sucks…

  3. THANK YOU SNEAKERFILES !!!!! I’ve been preaching to my friends that this is not to be condoned. I am in contact with a number of blatent resellers. I deal with none of them on that level because I feel like it is such a disrespect to our culture. They should be embaressed of themselves because that is not the sneakerhead way. The things is. . . they aren’t sneakerheads, they’re Hypebeasts! And I always say death to Hypebeasts. . . They are killing our culture

  4. Da only resella I don’t like is 160jordansdeep from Niketalk
    Man is always frontin & posin like a little gurl. His hustle is weak & his talk is big.
    He needs to keep his big yap shut, or someone will permanently close it

  5. Wow, i haven’t read an article so efficient on sneakers to all of us that consider ourself “sneakerhead” like this one in years. I was personally one of those who got hustle for the YOTR. I was force to buy a size way too big, only because i did the line and refuse to leave empty handed. THIS NEEDS TO END. I insist that these brands (Jordan, Nike, Etc.) provide stores such as finish line foot locker Nike Town and etc. with more pairs of sneakers instead of selling them to retail stores (MOM AND POP STORES) who just wants to hustle us and make it harder for us to obtain the shoes. -_____- REAL TALK

  6. it just sucks when there in line just to make a profit$$$.. And there in front of u they want the same size as u and there is only so many pairs of shoe’s but there trying to get and put it on eBay or turn around and try to sell it to some 1 in line for double and there not even a true to hart sneaker head. they have no respect I’m mean come on dude u should just let us real sneaker head get are pair then u can buy up every thing after that, I’m mean some of us are really in it for the shoe not just for a buck$$$..

  7. Wow, number 3 in such a negative light? What’s wrong with treating the sneaker game like a business? At this day and age where gas prices are $4-5 a gallon…it’s not such a bad way to make money. Besides most if not all businesses are like that in nature.

    I thought some stores with SB accounts drive up prices too because of hype?

  8. ^ There are already businesses in place that sell shoes. These shoes go for a retail price of $150+ most cases. Then someone comes in and buys all the stock and flips for profit. How about I go to all of the gas stations and suck each and every pump dry. Then I will hit you up and sell the gas, which I paid $4 a gallon for, back to you at $8 a gallon… yes it is business, very bad business.

  9. FusionV I understand where your coming from but why be flat out greedy and inconsiderate about the situation.I know and understand its a first come first serve type situation but for a reseller to grab multiple pairs just to resell knowing real sneakerheads have been standing in line for hours on end to get is fucking the game up.Alot of these resellers dont give a shit about the sneaker culture all they are worried about is raping dudes for their money.Like the guy who is a real sneakerhead/collector who may have doubles of a limited shoe and need to part with them for a specific reason(hard times,making space for more shoes,trading)I can understand and respect.Now the cocksuckers who could really give a fuck less about the shoe they are standing in line for and their sole purpose is buying multiple pairs just to rape dudes for their money is the ones that need their fucking heads knocked off.I respect everybodies hustle but to stand in line for the YOTR 7s and some fag buys multiple pairs just to resell should get fucked up by everybody that stood in line for hours.

  10. WHO F’N CARES !!! If the shoes werent hyped nobody would want them if everything was a general release no one would want them !!! If you didnt spend $300 for a pair of rare air or exclusive kicks nobody would care thats how the game is… If u dont hunt down the sneaker you want before the drop to know where and when to get yours you deserve to pay double or triple. Its apart of the game and always has since people seen that if you dont buy your jays the day of you probably wont get a pair or you’ll be breakn that pocket. I use to ditch school in the early 90’s when jays released on wednsdays i knew if I waited till 2:30 I was sh*t out of luck. Get of your a$$ and do your research find em for retail and stop complain’n kuz somebody with money out there gone spend whatever whenever always. we need resellers we need hyped beast thats what keeps this shit cool and the engine run’n !!! What if all 100 people in line for space jams got them…. NOTCOOL !!!

  11. Some shoes do need resell though. Nike here in Harajuku had to raffle off their Tokyo V’s….. i was in line yesterday for the wolf grey V’s. The big stores are catching on though. they let the guy in front of me only cop 1 pair. He asked for 8……

  12. ^^^MADDSHOPPER, you sound just like one of these inconsiderate ass wankers that these dudes are livid about. Now I dont mind reselling a shoe if you really need that cash flow, but reselling just because you want to sell for 3-4 times the price on Ebay is wack. Especially if you buy up the entire inventory from people that actually waited in line for hours, I would be pissed of too. I wouldn’t mind so much if they at least gave you a fair enough price for the shoe, but i really don’t see that happening anytime soon. And who cares if everybody in line got the same shoe? At least they worked hard enough for THEIR money and waited in line. I would rather for THEM to get the shoes than the greedy bastards that buy them just to snatch up the quick dollar.

    It’s funny that these so-called “sneakerheads” are looking at selling shoes as an ‘investment’. If you want to invest your money, go to Wall Street. This is the kick game, not the stock market.

  13. It’s all very simple. It’s supply and demand. It matters not if it’s created or real (supply). If someone is willing and able to pay they will pay a premium price from a reseller. The reseller has to get something extra. That person had to wait in line also. Retailers just need to limit to one or two pair per buyer.
    I don’t like paying a premium but I will at times. I’m 55 and still collect and play BB. I enjoy it. I have paid a premium on The Nike SB MF Doom @ $175.00. That was the day of the release. I wanted them and paid it. But again it’s up to each person if you don’t like resellers who try to profit don’t buy from them. On the other hand if you really want a certain pair that might be your only option.

  14. We just have to accept that its all part of the shoe game. I do get frustrated too if i dont get my kicks but what can i do? The hypebeasts not only invest their money but their add-to-cart skills as well (sites goin down during releases).We’re all losers here. Lets make it simple, if u dont get it by retail forget it, if you’re desperate drain ur pockets.

  15. Yeah that’s why people were getting killed in the 90’s let one more person get splashed for this next concord 11 and see if they pull that greedy nonsense again !! And i hope it makes every news paper and shame’s any sneaker company that puts out measly low quantity in bad neiborhoods with greedy clowns trying to rape a true sneaker fiend for his last hope at a Grail . Scum bags it pisses me off man.

  16. People who care about other people making profits with NIKE’s are stupid. NIKE is the BIGGEST RESELLERS in the world. They have Chinese people getting slave wages to make a pair of shoes for rock bottom prices and then flip them for BILLIONS IN PROFITS. Why someone would care that a sneakerhead would do the same is beyond me. Dont be stupid…this is the way the world works!

  17. why stay in line when you can buy online. i got my yotr7 an all other hot items within a push of the button. you can get any release you want online with out getting hustled or get in fights on the line. camping out is the dumbest thing you could do these days. people we live in the computer age. no need to camp out like loosers. any hot release thats about to come out you can buy online there tons of places you can go without leaving your home. i even got all my bin23 online thru marquee sole. there are places all over the world were you can cop any shoe you desire.

  18. I completely disagree with the idea that resellers are a cancer to the culture.of course there is an extreme to anything. If the shoes appreciate in value why not resell them at that value. As i said some take it too far but many reseller are up early in line too. Resellers sometimes are the only way to get shoes like the premio bins, your. Just sayin it is what is.

  19. Completely agreed wd Kevin. Legit retailers iin HongKong sells Jordans and hot releases way before US release date & dont say these are fakes coz everything are made in China. Also local craigslist can b a source of good buys.Resellers here prefer having their money back at once if they dont get inquiries in a couple of days after the release. I got my Entourage and White cements 3’s by retail without tax (receipts were provided). So lining up is not the only source anymore.Will u kill yourself lining up for d Concords in December? Goodluck!

  20. One more thing there’s no difference between reseller#1 & reseller#3. Bottomline is u wanna make a profit. Whats d difference between a sneakerhead sellin his very used OG J’s for $300-400 and a hypebeast sellin a bnew retro for the same amount? nothin! they both wanna make a profit.Been said a few times here,supply & demand.

  21. this also affects the pricing on nike n jordan specifically foams and retro jays, thats a part of the reason the shits keep gettin higher in price, foamposite material was the first shoe to retail over 149.99 179.99 and came up to 196(in ny) AFTER TAX…now, jordan released his 17s at 200 to test the market and ppl still went out and bought them (including me) now u dont think Nike has ppl with their eyes on ebay checking the prices that we pay they pretty much losing out on double the bill they put them on shelves so from 125.00 that the jordan 6 retroed with a few years ago now you talkin bout the latest releases up at 175.00!!! and for the sneaker heads that have sons that they want lookin fresh too (like myself) im lookin at paying 65 bux for some sneakers hes gonna kill anyway…WE ARE THE REASON FOR THE HIKE IN PRICE now foams are going up to 225 ?!? its crazy but if they gonna pay why not…..basically all ppl that miss out on a shoe should offer retail (EXCLUDING TAX) to the resellers its worked for me a few times already and if not let them go but i guarantee that those prices will start to drop i just paid 130 for ds cherry 13’s and on ebay they want over 200 so yes maybe we have to play the hustle game wit the “hustlers” to get what we want hold off start ordering your kix off footlocker.com footlocker.com has a seperate inventory than the stores so if ppl buy them online it hurts the stores hence the fact and reason for footlocker not matching prices with footlocker.com go in and ask if you dont believe me

  22. funny thing is i have met #1, i’ve gotten some pairs of them, #2 is ridiculously over priced with no room for negotiation, and #3 is awesome bc, if you know one, and your “cool” with them, you dont have to wait in line for 11+ hours and you can probably get your pair days/weeks before the release date. but all you guys are talkin about how despicable these re sellers are….the worst is the company who makes them….charging 150-175+ bucks for a pair of kicks…..and we’re even dumber for actually buying them and yearning for a f*cking pair of kicks…..

    personally i think these resellers are good, they keep the true sneaker heads on their toes, and make their profit on the hypebeasts……

    i dont know if that made sense…..oh well

  23. get on the line online. your more garunteed to get your shoes and defenitly garunteed no fighting and you wont look like a dush waiting for hours for something your not shure ur gonna get peace…….

  24. I’d fall into the #1 category, I was looking back on it and between now and ten or so years ago (high School years ’98-’02) I’ve had about 80 pairs of J’s, mostly retro’s but some OGs too and most of which I have since sold off since getting married and starting a family. I remember when the BRED XI’s retro’s came out back in 2000-2001 and I walked right into a finishline in Charlotte NC at opening and got a size 12 no problem. There were a few ppl there but nothing crazy. When I went to the same finishline in 2010 for the cool grey’s there were over 100 ppl there waiting at 5 am…The times have changed and so have the caliburs of sneakerheads. Most of us from the oldschool (early Jordan and Nike years, I’m talking ’90 and on) can appreciate a limited edition shoe or even a classic OG and most of us hang on to them. Most ppl these days, the new school of sneakerheads are built on the hype. Websites like marqueesole, windy city sole, Flight ClubNY and kixclusive get a hold of kicks way early and force the hype by selling them $100-300 more than retail which makes the madness at the footlockers, finishline’s and footactions. Someone mentioned earlier that Nike should not market their shoes to “mom and pop” retailers which I disagree with, these are the places that you can actually score a pair at with no worries. There is a place here in Charlotte, NC that even offers pre-sale on their Jordans at retail price, I havent seen place do that in a long, long time. They’ll get a shipment on a Tues-Wed and let you buy a pair at retail and secure your pair and walk in the door on the day of their release and pick them up whenever you want…if you wanna avoid the craziness, you can pick em up 3 days later. I definitley think resellers are good to a point, but if you’re not in the game and you wanna buy up a whole size run just to make 3x what you paid and screw some kid who saved up some cash to wait in line for hours you’re just inconsiderate. But, to each his own. I think Nike/JB would beneift more if they produced more of what ppl want, I think it would take care of the #3 category reseller, and I dont know if anyone noticed, but when JB rolled out the Countdown Packs and the Fusions, it all but killed the production of fakes, there was a whole year where there were only countdown packs and fusions produced and fakes were at their lowest. Nike catches on, wish they’d catch on to quitting this quickstrike/limited release stuff. Some quickstrikes are okay, but not EVERY single retro.

    • Whoaa, what store is this? I live in charlotte and I would love to know which store has where you can pay in advance for you pair….please and thank you.

  25. very good article man… agree with you all the way.. hate waiting in line and hear lames talk bout how they only buying to sell them… they are the reasons people who are in line, who really have a love for the shoes, end up with out a pair. the theyll have to opt to going to the lame “#3 seller”, and spend twice as much. its flat out not right. borderline SCAM. Dont care what no one says. if you dont like the shoes.. dont even bother coming to the damn store.


    • but if they release and never re release thats what drives the resellers game, like before foams started droppin again the royal OG joints were on ebaY for like 600 bux lol i would never pay that i just let it dry up a little n hit them wit cash on the low side never showing my thirst lol….play the game with them i mean honestly who u think gonna pay double for the shoe? and if they do ef it…i mean sooner or later you gonna come across someone hurtin and lookin to sell and thats when u play the game to your advantage…when i know someone just tryin to jerk me i lowball them just to entertain and see wat they say but im usually fair at the prices i offer when i sell or buy

  27. the way to solve this problem is to drop an attomic bomb on the flippers. who have no love for the game and just looking to make a buck. and ruining it for us true lovers of the game. this is a cancer that need to be destroyed.

  28. The only resellers that are cancer are the ones that do it for the profit and/or treat it like its a job. I myself am a reseller/collector, but the only reason that I resell is to make room for new sneakers that I know are a must have or I really need the money and I know it is sitting in my closet in a JB box.

  29. Well here’s my two cents. I don’t have a lot of money like some of you may have so when there is a big release I have usually been saving for a month or two so that I can copp my two one pair to wear till they turn to dust and another to stare at and have a beer with on those nites that I feel like reminiscing. Everyone says wear your kicks if your a true sneaker head you’ll wear em well this is true for some but for me I have to go thru a lot to get them so I appreciate them to an extent that most wouldn’t understand, so when I get my new pair of Js that I camped out for or waited all damn day online to order i feel a sense of joy and accomplishment because they were something as a kid I couldn’t get, so on to the topic about resellers well I can totally agree with resellers 1 & 2 but 3 I hate!!!!!! These people are greedy worthless pieces of shit! I mean come on man do u really need to charge 500 for a pair of kicks u spent 170 with tax on? Come on people. As amazing as these sneakers are they are not worth going beyond the world and back for, I love my kicks but in my eyes they arnt worth 300 plus for one fuckin
    pair man I mean really man really? So you guys prob think I’m a hater and that’s fine cuz I’ll hate on anyone that’s greedy and try’s to take advantage of people. This isn’t the new in thing man like skinny jeans this is a life style that I’ve been living since I was 8 and got my first pair of fire red Vs, so to close my post before I get more pissed off than I already am sneaker heads stay up be fair in your dealings and don’t fake the funk and if u gotta problem with my post eat a dick

  30. I love this article because me and my best friend want to open a sneakershop like flightclub. I lost out on the yotr 7 because of the third kind of sneaker head. This game is not about profit for 90% of the people involved it’s more about the experience. People look at us and say we are crazy for getting up super early or camping out for just shoes. But what they don’t witness is, no matter where you are or who you with all of us have one thing in common, “shoes”. There hasn’t been one cmp out I have been to where I did not have the best time joking and talking about j’s that I have in my collection or in someone elses collection. People look in to the window and onely see things from the outside these shoes bring the best out of people when we come together and sit and wait, you get to know different types of personalities and styles. See you can always tell the resellers who are straight for profit because they don’t mingle with us they see us as thirsty or prey for their ebay businesses. They are killing the game and it’s getting harder and harder for us real sneaker heads to get what we want because a greedy money hungry S.O.B. buys all the shoes before we can get there. I say JB should give large retail chains the limited shoes too so we can have a chance to own a pair too. I am upset that i don’t have the yotr 7 but I refuse to pay 450 bucks for something that was 160. My car note isnt that much and you are not raping my pockets bro. That’s why you see them joints still on ebay we can’t afford that now a days. I think we should be limited to 2 pair a person so every one get’s a fair shot to owning exclusives. Like this article alot

  31. easy fix…stores should limit purchase to 1 pair…does it really matter if someone next to you has the same shoe ? its gonna happen chicks rock kids sizes, so you know you gonna see some female with your same shoe on…and when you live in nyc you almost always going to see whatever shoe it is no matter how exclusive you think it is on someone elses feet…if i cant get the shoe from a regular store i don’t even hunt for it because i know there will always be another pair of shoes that i’ll want…when you hunt for something like a crackhead the crack dealers will always mark up the price, if ima spend $500+ on a shoe it damn sure ain’t going to be a nike shoe

  32. I was in in line 8 deep for the blue lobsters. My shop was marking them up 20 bucks. I cant blame them considering they could have charged a lot more. They even limited them to 1 per person. This is all great.

    What killed it for me was when the kid inline in front of me, a size 9, bought the only 12 (my size) even though he knew I was a 12. A asked him why and he offered to sell them to me for double.

    He only wanted to resell and 12 is a tough to find size here. He could have bought the 11 or any other of the 15 left that were smaller.

    I dont mind consignment, I dont mind cleaning out and trading. Just for profit releasers suck. They are a plague on the game.

  33. This is a great article and very well written. I believe that resellers are both cancers and good for the sneaker game. They are cancers because they clearly double the price on a shoe sometimes even triple the price for a sneaker that was $160 or $175 retail. That is bogus, especially being that they stayed in line with us to be selling the shoe back to us at a higher rate. The good thing about this is that it makes going out looking for that new release more exciting and more satisfying when you get your hands on it, FOR RETAIL PRICE hahaha. God bless.

  34. A message to resellers…”killyoself ….seriously tho, I appreciate the person cleaning his closet out and consignments but the idiots who buy em all up to double and triple prices and hit you over the head..I dont respect it….I cant stand people like that. You’re not a real sneakerhead if you feel like you gotta buy em all up and rape everyone else..Not to brag but I can easily stand in line and buy up a bunch of sizes and resell but why? I know theres people in line who want em just like me and want em just to wear them and appreciate them…thats what real sneakerheads do….cop em, look at em in the box and enjoy them when its time to pull em out.not leave em in the closet stacked up and post on ebay..bunch of suckas….we should all mob up and whoop their asses..go sell some damn tickle me elmos!

  35. Another message to resellers trying to make profits out of sneakers, trying to rape wallets , consider your self warned! they will be a time, were your gonna get your ass beat off the waiting line, or can’t even camp. REAL sneaker heads setting you losers up on craigslist or ebay to give you a quality beating. maybe that way you will F***** stop reselling.

  36. This is actually a good topic you guys put up. Read through the whole thing. And it makes sense.. I don't mind the consignments one, because i rarely go to them. The ones clearing out there closet, i usually find good deals that are close to retail or $20 over it. Which isn't bad at all. The ones i hate are the horrid resellers who go in for profit and profit alone. Asking for absurds amount of money. Im passionate about shoes, but even i have a limit on how much i will pay for a pair of shoes. After all, im gonna end up wearing them. And eventually will get dirty. But i'd rather wear them and give them the day of light. Instead of time itself killing them in the box.

  37. . Some people double up on there size, which is cool cause one has an extra for what ever may come. But those who buy in bulk and are allowed to do so kill it. Some resellers aren't even shoe fanatics. They are just people who know there is money involved in the reselling of the product and go ahead and do it. And there are those people who feed this monster by paying an insane amount of money on a pair. I see on sites like Flightclub, when the demand goes down…so does the price. I think thats why Nike has been releasing so many retros. Not only to make a profit, but to hit the resellers in there pocket. They are buying so many, and now not many people are buying from them (the resellers) Now there are resellers who are buying from resellers.Because they went over there head on buying shoes. Hoping to cash in on the demand. But they don't have any clue on what to do.

  38. Most stores only let u buy one or two pair anyway now. Thats the way it should be. One of my dudes buys 3-4 pair of a release by going to different stores, then trades 2 of them to other sneakerheads for some of their rare kicks later on…It’s the way of the game now. It also helps the collectors who didnt have the money at the time, or didnt initially like the kicks on the drop date….b.c they can trade a pair of kicks they already have for a new release. I def dont think ppl should be buying 8-10 pairs of kicks to turn around and sell them tho…that shows no respect for the culture. These are the same ppl that dont even keep a pair for themselves or even get excited when they hear about the release…they just see $. Its part of the game…but not a part that I like.

  39. I dont mind selling a shoe if you truly need that extra cash flow, but buying up the whole inventory of the store for yourself is very inconsiderate to the other folks coming to the store. These folks worked hard for their money and thinking they were going to cop something they really wanted, only to find out some greedy bassterds cleaned the whole place out. And turn around and sell them on Ebay for a whole month's rent. Now, some folks might say you snooze, you lose…but with other things going on in your life, not everybody doesn't have the luxury of being 'up on it' all the time, even if they tried.

    Another thing these companies can do is to not make everything so limited. Like, make enough for most people so they wont get jipped into spending their money on the reseller's products. Thus, stifling the reseller's game plan. The resellers really cant do too much without hype, and that would at least drive their prices down because most people would be able to obtain the shoes. And on top of that, the companies benefit because it would give them a boost in their bottom line. I know they like to play with the supply-and-demand game too, but it really doesn't make any sense that they always like to cater most their best products to the few. It might help you snatch up the quick dollar in the short term, but it comes back to bite you in the butt in the long run. That's how this whole mess with the resellers started in the first place. These companies, particularly Nike, helped create those monsters.

    My friends and I had been anticipating the YOTR release for a very long time. The week before, we called True Sole (Haight St., SF) a few times, and the employees reluctantly confirmed there would be at least a size run. And so we set up camp and waited in line for 10 hours the night before. When they opened the shop, we were the first ones in line. However, about 6-8 employees came to open the shop, and then locked it right behind them. Through the glass, we could see them all disappear into the back room where they keep all the shoes. They then finally opened the doors to us 15 minutes later, and told us that there was a "mis-shipment", and that they only received ONE (1) pair, a size 8. They then said that if we came back a few days later, the rest of the shipment might come. Stupidly, we went back 2 days later, and the employee there said that he had no idea what we were talking about, and that they had received 15 pairs for the release. We didn't snooze, we got hustled. "Greed is the root of all evil; this is greed at its finest."

    Great article!

  41. Then you have resellers like myself. I buy 2-3 pairs as often as possible of a release. The first pair I wear. The second pair I keep DS as part of my personal collection. And any other pairs I get I use as leverage in this "game". I wear a 15 and it's difficult, sometimes impossible to find my size in shoes I want. Sometimes I get lucky, like when found my Skunks at a skateshop for $23 new in box. Sometimes I wait in line for hours in hopes to get the only pair of size 14 to squeeze into. I just bought 4 pair of the Retro I High Ban's: (2) for myself and (2) In smaller sizes to sell or trade for releases I was unable to get. I've got very few contacts, so I don't see any issue in stocking pairs to use for barter if I can. There will always be those who hate another's actions. I'm old school, I wore Jordan when I was a kid and if I can buy 3 pair of Dorenbecher and sell/trade for something I wore as a kid… I'll do it every time.

  42. Da only resella I don't like is 160jordansdeep from Niketalk Man is always frontin & posin like a little gurl. His hustle is weak & his talk

    i googled my screen name and this comes up can someone tell me who this ass clown is or if they want to answer them self

    by all means "tell me how my ass tastes"

  43. Cosignment shops around me are worst than a typical reseller…they do everything a reseller does like stock pile on new releases for every size and mark up the shoes for around 50% more than what the shoe retailed…I don’t know where you get the idea cosignment shops only get there’s shoes from trades…