Celebrity Sneaker Watch: T.I. Rocks Air Jordan ‘Concord’ XI With Michael Vick...

Celebrity Sneaker Watch: T.I. Rocks Air Jordan ‘Concord’ XI With Michael Vick Costume for Halloween



T.I. was spotted yesterday rocking the Air Jordan XI (11) “Concord” at Gold Room’s Nightmare on Piedmont Halloween Bash in Atlanta, GA.

As the “Concords” don’t have an official release date until December, 23, 2011, T.I. rightfully broke them out to compliment his Michael Vick costume. What do you think? Were the “Concords” a good fit for the occasion?

Check out the image of T.I. in his Jays, and stay with SneakerFiles for more upcoming Celebrity Sneaker news.



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  1. Is it me or does tiny look more like a run-down Lil Kim from her early days. LOL @ me “tiny look like saw” IMO its cool to have the so called SWAG going on cause the shoe is def hot, but i’d have to throw in the flag on this one, cause it doesnt fit with that jersey. In all honesty, the shoe would have went better if tiny was rockin’

  2. aww daw dont hate on my daw T.I.P, yea he’s a Nerd for wearin those shits wit a Vic jersey and the jeans dont help for shit but that niggaz gangster and he’s black so yea! I mean I dont agree neither wit his outfit he is a nerd for wearin heat like that before a holiday, he’s a rock in the in the stuntin game but he’s still the King! I can tell he couldnt wait but w.e I mean the damage is dunn! But still don’t hate on Cliff daz my nigguh and he is the King of the South!

  3. Wow… T.I. i love your music and stuff 🙂 u are a really good artist but u can do soooooooooo much better!!!!!!!!!!!! ur wife is sooooooooo ugly and she needs work done on her face!!! U have the money for it, y wont u get it done?!?! Just wondering….. 🙂