Blake Griffin Tears his Nike Hyperdunk Elite PE

Blake Griffin Tears his Nike Hyperdunk Elite PE


How aggressive is Blake Griffin on the court? Aggressive enough to tear his Nike Hyperdunk Elite PE’s.

Blake Griffin and the LA Clippers took on the Memphis Grizzlies on May 9th. In the third quarter Marc Gasol steps on Blake Griffin’s foot, leading Griffin to stumble and leaving him with a ripped pair of Hyperdunk Elites. Good thing for Blake, he brings 3 pairs with him.

The Nike Hyperdunk Elite is stated as a technology advanced shoe, but you almost have to wonder, what went wrong here? We would think that these shoes (retails at $200) would withstand a lot of damage, even beyond par of Nike All Star endorsed NBA players.

We do hope this is some sort of fluke. The Memphis Grizzlies went on to win the game 92-80.

Blake Griffin Tears his Nike Hyperdunk Elite PE

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  1. I’m sorry but is seems to me the title of the piece should have been “Hyperdunks tear by looking at them”.

    Why is the agressiveness of Blake Griffin put to question, when he wasn’t even attacking the rim?…

    I smell the work of a very clever PR guy at Nike here, turning a potencial bad publicity case into another Barkley commercial.

    In my point of view, Hyperdunks (and overall “elite” edittions) are way overpriced shoes given that any accident could rip them apart.