Air Jordan VI (6) and VII (7) ‘Gold Medal Pack’ – Release...

Air Jordan VI (6) and VII (7) ‘Gold Medal Pack’ – Release + Pricing Info


Air Jordan VI (6) and VII (7) 'Gold Medal Pack' - Release + Pricing Info

The Air Jordan VI and VII pack releasing this Fall is meant to pay homage to the gold medals Michael Jordan won as a member of the US Olympic Basketball Team. Following our brief glimpse and release info for the sneaker, we now have another bit of info.

It appears that the “Gold Medal Pack”, dropping this August, will retail for $350. Additionally, according to this image, the pack will be extremely limited, as the spot seen here will only be getting 12 packs total. Finally, the SKU of 535357-935 can be clearly seen here for the first time.

Will you be doing anything you can to pick this pack up come August? Stay tuned to SneakerFiles for more info and an exact release date for the Air Jordan VI and VII “Gold Medal Pack”.

Air Jordan VI (6) and VII (7) 'Gold Medal Pack' - Release + Pricing Info

  • Blue

    yes I passed on the 10’s when I saw this

    and the need to make this pack also

    jordan 4 columbia & jordan 11 columbia!!!!!!!!

  • Kid G Wiz

    If there’s only ganna be 12 total NOBODY will have a chance and I was lookin forward to gettin these…smh JB needs to be FIRED! (I’m the 10th millionth person sayin that)

    • mmc

      “as the spot seen here will only be getting 12 packs total”, thats just 1 spot, u can cop a pair sumwhere else buddy theres not only 12 pairs total

  • LRG

    I’ll be copperfielding the shiiizzzz outta this pack. Watever it takes. Camp for 48 hours if i have to.

  • Elliot weathers

    Hhope they release these in a size 17

  • jubs

    smh. I was lookin forward to these too. I’m not staying up all night for no more Jordans. F that. you advertise a package for 9 months and then only sell 10 at each store. How does that make sense.

  • brian

    please dont be limited

  • og since 92

    im sure theres gonna be more than 12 packs total. that wouldnt make sence. but the hype beast will be on it, someone is gonna get hurt over these, another crazy night/ 48hour period for some kicks. pass

  • Hex

    Good. Make it limited. Take it back to the old days jb. Matter fact release jays during the weekday that way kids don’t miss school and you gotta ID.

    • REX

      Hex your such a hype beast if your really into the sneaker game you would know that one of the reason made jordan brand was so kids can get a feel of what jordan had you should stick to fusions use your ID on that

  • FutureDHughes

    Wow, 12 pairs? These will easily be $1,000+ for resale. Also, I wanna get this, but this seems like a “camp out” sneaker, worse than the concords.

  • PAncho

    is their gonna be size 7? O.o

    • GQ

      only adult sizes…but you can cop the 7’s in GS & smaller…i just read that 2day…

  • GQ

    There is no way this is is there gonna be only 12 pairs, no half sizes…smh c’mon now…get it 2gether