Air Jordan Spizike Black/Black-Red Patent Leather

Air Jordan Spizike Black/Black-Red Patent Leather


The Air Jordan Spizike is quickly becoming one of, if not the, most renown team Jordan silhouettes ever. Whether it be the colorway, or the materials used, or the concept behind it, it seems as though any and every Spizike garners considerable attention. In the middle of the summer we got a sneak peek of one pair that came in a rather busy colorway highlighted by flint grey and black patent leather used on the upper and midsole, respectively. Now we bring you a look at a pair of Air Jordan Spizike’s that sports an entirely black patent leather upper with a hint of red accents on the ankle lining. Some more subtle touches include a clear lacelock, clear netting, and a group of letters placed on the laces- although the word that they spell out still can’t be deciphered. As always, we’ll bring you the most up-to-date information regarding this sneaker as soon as we have it.



  1. wow…aight at first it was fun and games now they juss killin the spizike wit all these different colors n shyt…

  2. these are HOT!!!! im either coppin these or the breds, man im in love. ilove the all patent leater it just makes em stick out…

  3. I have to have these. Hopefully when these drop im still employed by footlocker cause these will look fresh sitting next to my og colorway spiz'ikes in my glass case. Yes I said glass case, I keep the fresh og's in there and I have a pair to kick around in…..

  4. really its either u hate them or love them

    but ima hav 2 go with HATE

    patent leather on the spiz ikes??? really?

    jordan is really gonna make me go back to SBs

  5. ive got the first spiz'ike color way and the cool grey, my fav sneakers of ALL time, other than my stealth 20's my goodness if i cop these GAME OVER!