Air Jordan Retro 4 ‘Taylor Gang’ Customs by Hippie Neal

Air Jordan Retro 4 ‘Taylor Gang’ Customs by Hippie Neal


air-jordan-retro-4-taylor-gang-customs-by-hippie-nealComing straight out of Pittsburgh, the city of orgin for the Taylor Gang movement, led by none other than Wiz Khalifa, is a fellow Pittsburgh resident, Hippie Neal, whose created some sick customs attributed to Taylor Gang! The Air Jordan Retro 4 ‘Taylor Gang’ are mostly black, with accents of red and yellow. The midsole bears a lot of the red incorporated with these shoes, with further usage appearing on the tongue lining and rear Jumpman logo. Yellow makes its contribution with the lacing hardware, and the customized tongue tags, that read “TAYLOR$,” created by the one and only Herb Juice. Get a full, well-rounded peek at the sneakers down below!

air-jordan-retro-4-taylor-gang-customs-by-hippie-neal air-jordan-retro-4-taylor-gang-customs-by-hippie-neal air-jordan-retro-4-taylor-gang-customs-by-hippie-neal

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    Y’all got y’all’s own kicks now Kendra Greene?? The goonery never ceases.

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    Doesn’t this defeat the whole meaning of “Taylor” Gang?

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    Brandon Franklin lol…Being the sneaker head you are this seems right up your alley…getting the double u back together how sweet!

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    Raelynn Romero . We Should Get These!!!!

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    Man they need to release some customs to the public. Sell a few thousand in stores and you can make more money

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    I usually don’t like customs buuuutttt…

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