Air Jordan IX Retro White/Black-Varsity Red – Release Information

Air Jordan IX Retro White/Black-Varsity Red – Release Information


Although the Air Jordan VI is seeing a lot of releases in 2010, the latter half of this year might very well be dominated by the Air Jordan IX. We’ve already previewed for you the VERY crisp and clean-looking Premio BIN 23, university blue, citrus, and deep forest colorways. Now, we’d like to bring you a good look at an Air Jordan IX being retroed once again. Pictured here is the white/black-varsity red Air Jordan IX dropping in participating Jordan Brand retailers nationwide on August 7th. Which Air Jordan IX are you most looking forward to this year?


  • NYCe F.

    got the OG's from '01 but i think ima have to cop em again..put these on ice

  • AlwaysFresh

    I'm looking forward to those charcoal IXs the most. This year is crazy and expensive. I will probably pass on both citrus though. Not a fan

  • Diggy

    They should bring back the package from '08 that had the XIV, man forget the powderblue/babyblue/skyblue IXs they messed up big time with the big T in the middle of the tongue

  • Free

    Dropping 6 days after my Birthday…For Sure gonna Cop! 😉

  • j cool

    i still got mines from the package but i wanna cop these to hoop in em

  • ricky

    i mean they are coming out with all these 9 releases but WHERE ARE THE OLIVE 9S?!?!?!

  • SiGGa CEE

    Fallin' in love all over again…!

  • steven

    screw the citrus IX's… getting these!

  • Brizzle

    these are looking fresh! had og's, wore them, they cracked on the sole…now i can finally get a pair that i can rock!

  • nick

    these are hot…i agree about that damn "t" on the toungue of the powder blues…

    ps. does anyone think nike will re release any of the nike shox vc line or huarache 2k4 or 2k5

  • Jean Mackey

    I saw something about this topic on TV last night. Good post.