Air Jordan Force Fusion VIII (GS) White/Black-Varsity Maize

Air Jordan Force Fusion VIII (GS) White/Black-Varsity Maize


With respect to the controversial Air Jordan Force Fusion line, we know that the “Bugs Bunny” AJ VIII colorway is set to release next Saturday. However, pictures of another, previously unseen AJF VIII have hit the internet. Pictured here is the Air Jordan Force Fusion VIII in a white/black-varsity maize colorway that is reportedly releasing only in Grade School sizes. The upper is predominantly white, while a dark grey hue fills the midsole and slight yellow accents can be spotted on the tongue, strap and heel area. What do you think of the splashes of yellow on this Air Jordan model?

Via Taobao.

  • HanSolo23

    Would be a cool Retro 8 colorway, but these fusions are Bullshiit.

  • Rafi

    i agree wit HanSolo

    cool colorway for the retros but the fusions alone look like straight shiznit

  • What?

    These have to be the worst fusions ever created, straight doodoo

  • ChamorroDT

    -sigh-…Great colorway but damn…ugly design for real.

  • John

    ^^^What he said^^^.

  • jeffrey

    these r actually st8 so shut dat shit up lame ass fusion hater muthafucka

  • Justin

    I like how "Buisness school trip 8 ball 4 2" just posted a lecture on what we know or dont know about the sneaker game.

    I may not know everything there is to know about J's but I do know how to spell "BUSINESS."

    Its idiots like you who soil the game. Get a education before you start educating others.

  • Buisness school trip 8 ball 4 2

    LOL is being disgusted with fusions the new thing to do or something? geez…
    are you guys this disgusted with politics & government? SMH…
    ok, yellow black & white are a classic colorway…
    cant lose…
    8’s are CLASSIC….
    uptowns are CLASSIC…
    2 classic elements dont make up “the worst”…there is nothing wrong with how these look…
    yeah some fusions sucked but you sneakerfiles guys must live in the same small midwestern town and you use the internet to tell you about style or something…cause u come off like a bunch of geeks over jordans/fusions…

    u guys cry about fusions but the shit you like the most is fkn trash! ok retro jordans, those been fire for ages, OF COURSE theyre hot and a must have…just cause u come along late in the game dont mean you got good taste!
    You all came behind a generation and dickrode our old shit!!
    leave it to you cats you already own every pair of J’s anyway…
    yall always on here lying…
    leave it to an internet nigga to tell you how you should be doing shit or how it should go…

    I just came home from a buisness school trip and I had an 8 ball for 2…me & mrs jones…bitches…

  • Scikotic

    Unfuxking believable what is jb doing stop with these ugly ass fusions and just bring us the retro's

    But I do have to say this is a nice colorway but fuxk fusions

  • Scikotic

    Fuck you Jeffrey you herb your a whack ass hypebeast if you think any fusions is heat

  • MattyV

    i agree i hate hype beast fusions is another way for jordan and nike to make money but they are ruining 2 perfect sneakers in the game. If they do this to the xii imma be pissed



  • LoPeeZYBK718

    HANDS 2GETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • timcinnati

    ohhh im gonna fuck wit these

  • What are you thinkin

    LOL @ JB for putting these on the market.

  • JBsBJs

    LOL fk you JB! you keep making these damn fusions!

    I dont wanna pay $200 for fusions!

    I would rather pay $200 for the same sneaker that I lie about already having!

    lol @ the emotional guys!

    u like it or u dont, its only a sneaker LAME!

    go get some pus*y or something! lighten up!

  • LIL ViKKi(600)

    now some of y'all is tripping these shoes speak for themselve is they are one of the best fusions made with the 8 top and one bottom

  • OTrice

    Those are hot if they came out in the 90's I would have bought them for $140. I wish I had a time machine to take them back in time and stunt

  • OTrice

    These are classics for our kids something new like the original J's are retro shoes for us lamos go buy them and the classics matter of fact go buy 2 pairs of each unless your crying because you cant afford the fusions and classics.