We’ve recently found out that the Air Jordan Fusion VIII White/Black-Varsity Red-Neutral Grey has been made available for an early purchase online. But for those of you who’d rather buy in store, these are still scheduled to release on February 6th. In anticipation of the release NEXT Saturday, FootLocker has provided us wit new detailed pictures of this love-it-or-hate-it sneaker to better help those of you on the ropes decide on whether or not this will be a pass. So take a look at the full collection of pictures after the jump, and let us know what your thoughts are on the clean, predominantly white OG colorway we love on the Air Jordan VIII.

Via Footlocker.

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  1. lol

    he aint lieing!

    wanna be gangsters wear fusions.

    at least at my school

    half the time they dont even know about jordan

    or dont even know who the guy.

    which to me is pathetic!!!!

  2. I don't rock fusions but I ain't a hater like most y'all.

    Fusions aren't the best but they're better then most J's

    other then the classics.

    Who gives a *%#£ wether they know Jordan or not

  3. Look mike I'm black and I do wear fusions I wear mostly all kinds of js boi and yur comment was rite cus white ppl can't afford them they'll wheather go to walmart r kmart jordan go hard

  4. Oh wow nike and jordan got nothing else to do but invent and mix idiotic ideas, I'm been done with nike and jordan leaving nothing but holes in yours and every-ones pocket every year.