Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” + “Sport Blue” – 2014 Retro

Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” + “Sport Blue” – 2014 Retro


Air Jordan 6 Maroon + Sport Blue 2014 Retro

Looks like 2014 just got even more interesting. While we have already shared a look at quite a few high profile retro releases set to drop sometime next year from Jordan Brand, we finally have our first look at the “Maroon” AJVI retro along with another look at the “Sport Blue” version. While both look to stay true to their OG forms, we still don’t have any word as to whether they will sport the infamous Nike Air about the heels. Check out another look after the jump and be sure to keep checking with SneakerFiles for more information.

Air Jordan 6 Maroon + Sport Blue 2014 Retro

Photos via premiumkicks23

  • Lois Regine-Doctor

    J6 na tong mga to?Elimar Lara Jr.

  • Sally Estrada

    Nice. Shoes

  • Curtis Watson

    Shakor Beauregard

  • Trung Võ

    Vince Dang

  • Shakor Beauregard


  • Sandy Thomas

    Julius Gilmore Jr T.j. Ellison

  • Michael Vasquez

    Sport blue!! Hands down

  • Doug Finley

    Those maroon ones tho :)

  • Dan Thompson

    Maroon. Had those back in high school. Miss them.

  • Mervin Carlo Pichay

    Plain looking.

  • Americzhearthrob Live

    I like the simple bright color on white

  • Rich King


  • Armando Melendez

    Both are must copps

  • Ivan Nunez

    Jeffrey Quidlat

  • Adrian Garcia

    Do they have lime green

  • Sam Loveday

    Liam Oudenryn

  • Michael Pliego

    Dylan Ruiz

  • Julz De Guzman Concepcion

    Pls.tag d price f how much!

  • Russel Martin Rivera

    I want

  • Elimar Albano Lara Jr.

    Yes Lois

  • Vishal Maharaj

    Can’t wait

  • Ephrez Deadstock Gee

    og maroon’s way better then the new ones.

  • Trae Pena


  • John Moore


  • Frésh Essex


  • Zayra Aurora Fuentes

    Hell ya

  • Deshawn MrCkonflicktman Harris


  • 顏昱騰


  • Kalaele Simon Kay Molai

    Big ups

  • Casey Graves

    These are ugly. The classic ones are the best no doubt.

  • Manuell Vasquez

    Them maroons

  • Ti Ti Ti

    ปล่อยไป 1
    กะรวบ 2 เลยหรอพี่

  • Shaina Dunshea

    I wantttttttt !!!

  • David Price

    Marron ill kill them

  • Alicison Moore


  • Richard Tarkington

    Sharon Ella Tarkington I want white an black with blue Jordan shoe

  • Jerico Senerez

    How much

  • Michael A Hernandez III


  • Frank Infelise


  • Jakes Sovee

    Blue tho

  • Justin Smalls

    Thomas Lewis

  • Ess Be

    Simon Russel

  • Blake Alexander Harris

    Both cold I can’t wait

  • Larry Rivas

    Eric Machado

  • Kd Hairston

    Not a fan of the 6s like that tho.. They look like knockoff 7s.

  • 이은선


  • Bubba Smiff Jr.

    coppin’ em both!

  • Leafar Zurc


  • Jody Martinez

    Im sorry but those shoes are ugly

  • Evan Calloway


  • Anthony Duque


  • Jude Daniels

    wooo…love these

  • Bobby Clark III

    Mellorya Clark

  • Nappii Boye Bangr

    Wen these drop anyone? Yooo
    Felipe Black deseee doe

  • Audrey Jeremy Pacheco

    blue all day!

  • Richie Rivas

    Coppin these

  • Fidel Pena

    Gay gay gay !!! -____-

  • Slaid Jameson Taylor

    Oh hell yes. Maroon 6s all the fucking way. Need them

  • Jay Scrilla

    I swear I WILL have my September blues come hell or high water!!! I waited too long for these!!

  • Soho Mags

    Double copped

  • Aj Ainscough

    September Blues

  • Anthony Skaff

    Pontus Mirahmadi spela i dom där Asså

  • Stephon Rip Tate Jetson

    Rob Tz

  • Corina Ricketts


  • Jay Wilson

    Are they dropping as a pack cause all I’m seeing advertised is them together?

  • Sharod Taylor


  • Rick Flair

    Javier the bugundy goes

  • Justin Beierlein

    Don’t retro…. they are retro’ing every single jordan. And then start over again… pass!

  • Jimmy Pryor

    can’t wait

  • Jayr Garcia

    Meron aq dti nito elem days p

  • Javier Uribe

    @rick flair the blue ones are nice to

  • Rylan Crockett

    sport blue

  • Demarion BeastMode White

    Them Sport Blues are a must cop

  • Odacrem Mercado

    John Lorenz Ruiz

  • Francisco Beltran

    Red all day

  • Miguel Arrazola

    Both of them

  • Marvin Cabido Villados


  • Despo Roubzs

    Blue blue blue!

  • Justin Smalls

    Cre McRiichiie

  • Duran Dhave Capapas

    Arbor q na ung isa

  • Justin Cuellar

    Maroon 6s

  • Derrick Washington

    Had both of them back then