Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue Video

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue Video


One of the most hyped of shoes to drop this year is just over a week from its official release, the Gamma Blue Air Jordan 11.

The first time Gamma Blue has touched the Jordan 11, which seems to be the theme for Jordan Brand this Winter (Jordan 12’s also releasing in the same colorway).

For the shoes, which have a predominate black uppers (mesh and patent leather), small hints of gamma blue and varsity maize make it’s way giving them some pop. Added in is the blue translucent sole which actually doesn’t look bad on this particular colorway.

If you’re wondering how are the quality is on the Gamma Blue 11’s? Sorry to burst your bubble but more than likely you will be disappointed. The materials used are fine, traditional patent leather and mesh that are comparable to the Bred 11 that released last year (Concord and Space Jam seemed to have higher quality materials). What Nike/Jordan Brand failed on was the construction. Glue stains can be seen on the uppers. In fact, small separation can be seen where the sole and midsole meets and where the patent leather comes into the midsole.

Releasing December 21st 2013. This is a general release so a lot of stores will have pairs and you can expect restocks to happen in the near future.

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue
Black/Gamma Blue-Black-Varsity Maize
December 21st 2013

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue Video Review


  1. @Wil Cruz people want to know the quality. Some don’t mind glue stains and minor separation but it is our duty to make sure people know about it.

  2. you have to remember that not every shoe is going to be the same, so just because the pair you had in the video might have had glue stains doesn’t mean when the person who gets them from footlocker or whatever will

  3. don’t be so sensitive. Homeboy was talking about the glue stains like it was the end of the world! These jays… they still man made… like I said I got my jays from a reliable and official source. you don’t know who I know or how and why I got them. the ones on my feet now 100% official tissue bruh.

  4. If you want em get em people shouldn’t act like this new right here…celebrities get kicks early too so what they fakes c’mon man! Lol

  5. Ok so I got these from the store non internet release but I will say that I looked at about 5 pairs before I picked this one they have very bad quality this year smh

  6. These deff grew on me they look better in person then in pics tho smh they should of came out with Columbias instead

  7. How they delete all the pics an comments smh thought this was about the love of kicks smh I trying to let ppl know that they have bad quality this year and don’t be surprised

  8. @Geno you’re right and I agree with you but we have also received reports that others are not up to par. Just a heads up but always check your kicks before buying

  9. @Wil wasn’t saying you don’t have them or connects but people should know the quality. I agree glue stains are not the end of the world, but minor separation is a problem when you haven’t even laced them up.

  10. First the jordan sign has a booty crack I own plenty of mike and ain’t no split in the legs by the shorts

  11. I feel that Tommy I was giving you guys a heads up. The guy at the top might be right they might be fake but what the guy in the video was talking is the exact same shit that was wrong with my Breds last year and my shit wasn’t fake I got my shit from the Footlocker at Towercity!