Air Jordan 11 “Space Jams” Release Date Change

Air Jordan 11 “Space Jams” Release Date Change


Ok- who really can get enough of this “Space Jam” talk? I know I can’t. This won’t be a drop that gets forgotten easily. But team Jordan Brand is definitely doing its part to build up the hype even more. We have just received word that the retro release of the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jams” has been pushed back a month, right before Christmas, reportedly on the 23rd of December. Sure this gives us more time to save up; but, really- WHY, JB!?!? WHY?!?!

Via 23isback.

  • bossup313



    this is bs

  • Z

    Hmm…i guess. At least we wont have to deal with black friday. I guess that was a good change.

    I wonder what all the other opinions below me will be?


  • $poiledFeet

    As long as they still drop i'm good. Extra month to save for a few more pairs.

  • $poiledFeet

    they'll change the date again like they did with the CDP 11/12

  • $$ jay $$

    jb thanks for helping me out ; now i know what im getting for christmas – space jam 11s and 60+ pistons ! i had the greatest feeling that they were going to change the date.

  • tmonki94

    what a relief. black fridays are a pain.

  • dunk-aholic

    Its not that it was changed. The black friday release date was for asia so they ASSUMED it was gonna be the same for the US but its not this is the US release date.

  • Z

    WTF? 60+ pistons are wack. Dont ever mention that again! slap to the face.

  • Jc

    Are these going to be a quickstrike release or they going to be like a normal realese

  • Jc

    Are these going to be a quickstrike release or they going to be like a normal realese like they going to sell them any were

  • Colin G

    Shit i aint complaining lol ITS A DEFINTE COP NOW!!!!!!

  • sneakerhead23

    thank god i dont have to deal with the black friday bullshit ill deff cop me a pair now

  • noneoftheabove

    WHYYYYY???? ONE F****** STAR!!!!

  • Sean

    Yesss no Black Friday, definitely a better change

  • D

    Got a pair today and got another pair on preorder. not bad quality but not the best. Ill be wearing them on the regular.

  • 2SiCk

    tight. now kids gotta convince there parents to get teh cherry 12s and the space jams. ughhh

  • airjordanfan4567

    yes!!!!!!!! on my birthday

  • steez

    the orginal release date was actually decemeber 23rd:/

    when the "rumor" started begginning of the year like in march or something

    this is actually good cuz im broke right now,lmfao

    gonna ask 4 them 4 Christmas :)

  • fortiez

    aight, personally i love the fact that its not on black friday cuz ik niggas is gona go crazy on that shitt, nd its worth the wait

  • LeBronBron

    I DONT WANT TO WAIT. DAMN! But I guess I'm going to cop the XI's in December, the VI's in January, and the Foamposite Copper in February.

  • Russ_Mcfly

    Well thats even better for me lol

    retro 12's in november, 11's in december..both of them in one month was a hard decision

  • HD

    These will drop on christmas eve actually….ive been saying this since day one and i will be getting my two pairs that day. I guarantee it.

  • jumpman

    hey idiots…i am a jordan retailer…i knew it would be coming out right at xmas..but it was fun to listen to you guys drool over black friday…hahahahahaha n now most of you wont even get a pair…becuz they are so limited hahahahaha

  • YourAirness

    "Jumpman"…. Yeah right. I bet YOU wont even get a pair… Stop hating on sneakerheads that look forward to a release date. JB told us NOV, so we was excited for Nov. Now they say DEC so we are excited for DEC. If they came out tomorrow and said JAN. YOU and the rest of us will be excited about JAN.

  • Kingj14

    how much they going to be…

  • frank

    Late December was the original launch date JB gave us quickstrike accounts when they told us about the space jam re-release back in Jan09

    So nothing surprising

  • m00ney{sneakrrheadd}

    yo! igotta stay on top of these, ithink this is the best retro drop

  • m00ney{sneakrrheadd}

    o yeah & and fxck the nigga who's name is jumpman 4 puttn that un-necessary comment -_-

  • SP1DER


  • MJC

    I agree with YourAirness, "jumpman" if you are a Jordan retailer maybe you can answer me and all of these fellow sneakerheads a question, why is it that we know more about shoes than the ppl who work with them? Ppl at stores NEVER know what the hell is going on or when shoes are dropping…you think your all badass since you work a retailer, that still doesnt guarantee you a pair! Enjoy "laughing" at everyone thats excited, we'll continue to be excited and get a pair!

  • dwiley

    y da hell do they do stupid shit. fuck it im gettin em early wherever i can.

  • Rob

    Jumpman, look man I work for a Jordan retailer, also so don't act like you're high and mighty… besides if you REALLY actually work for a retailer then you should know that the BEST information to be found about releases isn't from the NIKE REP. The BEST INFORMATION is FOUND online on websites just like THIS ONE. You're an idiot, you're probably 12 years old and you probably wear And1 shoes that your trick of a mother buys you for your birthday in lieu of her next crack rock.

    Oh and to answer a question someone else had I believe the MSRP will be $175…

    Oh, and to respond to another statement about people who work for a retailer not being able to cop that is false… I hate to say it but there won't be a size 11.5, or 12 to be bought at my store. I'll even pay retail if I have too.

  • Andrew

    So in Asia these babies are still coming out in November not December? Can anyone confirm that?

  • lala

    "WHY, JB!?!? WHY?!?! "

    so tools can spend their christmas money in advance …

  • deez nutz

    yesss got me b-day gift now

  • MJC

    Anyone can get a pair of these if they are willing to pay for them. All you need is to know someone or make sure you have a padded wallaet and you'll be able to get any size you want. You know ppl that have access to them are going to buy 2 or 3 pairs and sell them joints on ebay for $400-$500 a piece and ppl WILL buy them.

  • jumpoldman36

    It just gives me an extra month to save up, no problem…!

  • Kid Fresh

    " Jumpman " We all Kno Your a Bum and You Rock Coach shoes like a Lil Faggot im sure we all Like sneakers no Matter wat Date they come out on . If They Told me tha space jam's come out in 2015 id be excitied and hyped . So fallbaq you so called FAKE Retalier cause its clear to see ur jealous cause ur dumbass is prolly not gunna Get dem Cause You is a Broke as Dude From 8 mile .

  • babi face

    i have a pair sz 8

    Item number:170383334706

  • iSETtrenDz

    F*CK THAT I'M TIGHT!!! … i was been ready

  • wangbu14

    baliktad yung jumpman logo… sigurado butas bulsa dito paglabas nito… tuyong pasko pag nagkataon… yun eh kung magkakaron dito.

  • badazzz

    damn man y they changed the date

  • Kyle

    Will these come in a 14, or will the highest be 13 like the True Blues?

  • chickenwing

    damnnn why cant they come out any sooner

    jb stop moving the dates ur confusing the sh1t out of me

  • Charlie

    What stores will carry the space Jams?

  • ian gross

    HAHAH "JUMPMAN" you're not tight. What because you retail for jordan? yeah more like nike. I work in headquarter building number 2 for NIKE. SOooo you're not tight for bragging about stuff that you can't even buy. You make nothing being a retailer. With Xp and head design I order the shoes =] don't try and impress anybody.

  • Why

    Dam why did he need to push back the date??. I understand that its black friday and shopping on that day is horrable. Now I got another 31 more days to think about gettin the space jam's

  • pimpinpimp

    im goin to make my own package the bred 12's and da space jam 11's sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttt!!!!!


    i'm going to buy a pair and RAPE THEM!!!

  • kingscarface

    definately one of the most anticipated kicks of da year, im copyin a pair for sure…..juss hopin dt i dont gotta trvel far to get dem if dey not gonn have dem at da sneaker store by me…..either way dey gonn be a definate spotlight in my collection



  • bo

    my girl gettin me these all you niggas are softer than a pillow haha half u cant even afford them poor ass niggas above me man i swear

  • All_in_yo_face_prod

    I’m get ppl to get they mony up everybody go look at my videos at YouTube just put frazierboyeso leve a comment and add me there. If you got twttier follow me ALLINYOFACEPROD!!!!!

  • Deelishis92

    Either way I'm gettin em yezzir mah mom gettin dem fa meh may I hav a size 6 plz LoL


    wow! i was so exited

  • mmucc073

    i cant believe how many ppl are so hyped about these fake ass spacejams…i knew they were gonna be crap i knew the cdp 11s were gonna be crap….im gettin me another pair of the jams from 2000….all the new shit is crap stick with OGs anybody been collecting since the late 80s early 90s knows wat im talkin about!!!! JB thanks for ruining our classic kix