Air Jordan 11 “Black Grape” Custom

Air Jordan 11 “Black Grape” Custom


Air Jordan 11 Black Grape Custom
@2nicecustoms, also known as T. Nguyen, probably made some people drool with these Air Jordan 11 “Black Grape” Customs. Using the Air Jordan 5 “Black Grapes” as his inspiration, he used Black mesh along with patent leather on the upper. He finishes off the sneaker with Grape Ice and New Emerald accents, including the shark teeth seen on all the Air Jordan 5 models.

Check out the Air Jordan 11 “Black Grape” Custom below and let us know what you think in the comment section. Would you want to see the next Jordan 11 release in this colorway?

Air Jordan 11 Black Grape Custom
Air Jordan 11 Black Grape Custom
Photos via @2nicecustoms.

  • Jose Garcia


  • Rick Da Barber Adams

    Heat rock

  • Ryan Veach


  • Skylar Bendekovits

    Wack the look like knock offs!!

  • Robin Meyrer

    What are all these people doing with the 11’s, they just fuck it up. In the name op micheal jordan stop..

  • Terrence Teke Jackson II

    Pure trash

  • Jermichael Foster


  • Eddie Redice

    theyre on for 260 size 8-11

  • JokersWild

    Look like those bad reps

  • Louis Maselli


  • Antwan Davis

    Fire! Quit hatn

  • MixtapeSurgeon

    Nice, they could lose the shark teeth tho

  • Danny Bonifacio

    Without the spikes they look good

  • Junvy Feliciano Rectitud

    Just wasted his gamma

  • JJ Nelson

    It was all good til he put the spikes on the side.. smh

  • Luis Mak Coelho

    Destroyed the gamma and put the 5 teeth on the 11 kill yourself

  • Ian Bryan

    Shit is trash. Kill yourselves. My personal opinion…now the aqua8 CW reworked on an 11 could be dope but this is very cheap looking.

  • Andrew Garcia

    Wow awesome!

  • Andrew Garcia

    My 2 favorite retros in one

  • Galvin Holmes


  • Nick Rotella


  • Herb Brown


  • Randy Usher

    Thats just fucked up

  • Anthony Senior

    Ugh, I like the logo but that aqua bottom gotta go.

  • Jeremy Vang

    Nice custom but pass.

  • Eddie Redice

    just made a dull shoe even worse

  • Ty Vadenais

    I dnt liike the teal on the side butt dope

  • Antwan Davis

    Drop as December release

  • Abril Ledezma

    No spikes !! Jared

  • Miguel Velasquez

    These are garbage why fuck em up like this smfh

  • Brayanay Caudillo

    Richard Eduardo Alex

  • Jared Garcia

    Why does every grape custom such as 4, 6, and these have the spikes it ruins it

  • Micah Cannon

    Man stop this madness

  • Josh Hernandez

    what the… no. these falls on my category of thank goodness there’s only one pair.

  • Realms Ghains C Notes

    Wtf was he thinking

  • Adolfo Lopez


  • Samed Köse


  • Ted Hollar

    HELL NO!!!

  • Deandre Williams

    Wtf ?

  • Ted Hollar

    In my Charles Barkley voice…. That’s Teeerrrible…

  • Adan Corchado

    They needa take the design on the bottom of the shoes

  • Donte Perry


  • Nana Garcia

    There ugly

  • Antwan Davis

    Lose the teal on sole and just grape purple on the sole.

  • Escape Into Aquariums

    Uhmmmm, No ! WtF is that crapp !

  • Jesus Palomar

    Disgraced the j.b with that

  • Michael Martin

    INSANE! but yea the bottom is drawbox

  • Brandon Deloney-Fulmer

    Not in love with those. Naaw

  • Jun Ito


  • Brandon Minh Truong

    WacK AF

  • Tyrone Henderson

    Fucked up the gammas

  • Atith Sriratanobhas

    What a waste

  • Šuljo Popit


  • Major Payne

    Stop the madness

  • Dewuan Jefferson

    They Neva should of gave niggas paint brushes!

  • Kuma Krishindoh

    They look fake af

  • MrNolimit23

    Shark teeth is just, WTF!

  • Kerry Fuqua

    Those are ugly but i bet if they came out today ppl would be camping

  • Brandon Traughber


  • Sorah Yao

    Shud of just done the black out smh

  • Taylor Cook Jr.

    Straight shitted on a perfectly good pair of Gamma’s.

  • Donavon Murphy


  • Manuel Munoz


  • Mert Ertuğrul Eskinova


  • Jethro Webster

    Danny Morten

  • Kenneth Harrison


  • Matthew Perry

    O hellllllllll noooooooo!

  • Abdul Moallim

    Ooooooh kill em

  • Maverick Blaze

    noooo waaaay!!!u killin em!

  • Anthony Pepe

    Joe Goulazian

  • Garrett Cline

    Jaden Lindsay

  • Brandon Baker

    how is there over 12 hundred “likes” for this?

  • Brittany Green


  • Jorge M Torres

    Messed up the 11s, wack!!!

  • Michael Quinto

    wut???? HAHAHAH so ugly -.-

  • Zdc Tllz

    Moore Pacheékoo

  • Will Billups


  • Da Real Jstunna

    King Salazar

  • King Salazar

    Them hoes looK Krazy

  • Aaron Duthoit

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha smh they terrible

  • Oliver Ochlan


  • Tyrik Killuminati Nelson


  • Bryan Neilan


  • Blade Purple Haze

    The teeth weren’t necessary

  • Barbie Rendon

    These look like bs

  • Francisco Martinez


  • Lety Gallegos


  • Christian Zuniga


  • Jaden Lindsay


  • Tehran Nelson


  • Conner Faucher

    These are sooo fucking bad.

  • Josh Holman

    Dats a no go

  • Zaybriel Clanton

    Stupid idea

  • Edward Medina

    Daniel Enriquez effin clean

  • Rodney Sanders

    Dope af

  • Ciroc SwaggChamp Loso

    I want those wen those comingout?

  • Chris Ramos

    Karim Villa

  • Nathan Gandia

    Stop it

  • She Moans Elija

    Adrian Carranza.?._.

  • Joseph Davila

    These r ugly ….leave 11s alone … No new design is comp to OGs

  • David Medina

    Wow, lol

  • Michael Raptor Albright


  • James Jackson

    These are Tragic Bronson Jaaaaaavale mageeeee

  • Jose Ybarra

    Damien Rojas

  • Vincent Mendoza

    Damn son

  • Vincent Mendoza

    Thats cuuute

  • Aubrey Saenz

    First thing I thought was. .. fake… I like the jumpman tho. ..

  • Jamie Breeze

    James Clark

  • James Colli-Park Clark

    They messed those up

  • Tyler Ventura

    Kevin Nguyen Brandon Guerrero Brandon Samuel Steven Rincon “2nicecustoms”

  • Jamie Breeze

    they still go hard James Clark

  • Carlos Perez

    The jumpman looks whack. it looks like someone stepped in a big mud puddle and tried to clean it off

  • Duane Martin

    Absolutely hideous

  • J’oh Rivera

    couldve just kept them as gammas

  • Ian Eugenio

    Ohhh dat kicks

  • James Rockdale Moore

    What y’all think bout em Josh Jones Caleb Cal Jones Jfive Lipkins Kendrick Wallace DeAndre Victrum Brandon McDaniel

  • Conner Benoit

    Kris Chagnon

  • Christina Pham

    It’s ugly , in my opinion …

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  • Jereco Cordovilla

    nice :)

  • Daniel Richmond

    Kill it with fire

  • Pretty Flacka

    Jazmine Santana

  • Robert Bucheli III

    I remember my first beer…smdh

  • Azvp Kevin


  • Neto Zamor

    Naomi Galindo Bobby Delgado

  • Naomi Galindo

    Neto Zamor I want them u know I got to have them

  • Carlo D. Fernández

    Marcos Antonio Armijo

  • Kendric Wycoff

    Them hoes border line wack!!!

  • Neto Zamor

    Shit u aint the only one lol

  • William Harden


  • William James

    Jesse Meyer

  • Jesse Meyer

    Omfg William James

  • Stephen A. Hightower


  • MsHoney Meme

    I like it!!

  • Jennifer Santos


  • Bobby Delgado

    Gaaawd !

  • Danny Morten

    :O sexy!

  • Jim Williams

    Running outa colors we see!! Been long over due to produce more different styles also….Same shit been old..

  • Slink Santana


  • Raymond Hall

    Ok nice

  • John M Domingo

    way to ruin a good pair of js

  • Def TonEs

    wow sneakerfiles..thats it!!!imma unsubscribe now. fuck all your stupid ridiculous post!! ebay and horrible customs.

  • Denitra Steele

    They don’t need the detail on the side but other than that those are the gamma 11s jumpman is a different color oh and no gum bottom sole

  • Leah Hughes

    Brandon Wynn

  • Dolla Harv

    Go home Jordan’s you’re drunk

  • Hoong Qi Rong


  • Eric Federico

    Cool intention but NOOO!!!

  • Pharoah Khan

    Why was this done??!! Messed up a perfectly good pair of gammas for this crap

  • Jacob Powers

    How did you get the pic of my shoes

  • Gloria Uwineza

    Uglyy af

  • Ben Padua

    Jeremiah McLenithan

  • Taii’yyaon Wilson


  • Abdulhakim Ali

    Lol that shark tooth tho Atiq Rahman

  • Atiq Rahman

    lmao people be tryin too damn hard!!