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WK12 (Wieden + Kennedy) Presentation

wk 12 wieden+kennedy

I am not a sneaker head

I am not a blogger

I am not a writer

I am not a collector

I am not a fan

I am not a musician

I am not a DJ

I am not a graphic designer

I am not proficient with the entire Microsoft Office Suite

I am not a mathematician

I am not a computer expert

I am not well-versed in PHP or MySql

I am not an engineer

I am not a builder

I am not a mechanic

I am not a kid anymore

I am not an addict

I am not an athlete

I am not a taker

I am not a faker

I am not a conventionalist

I am not a rationalist

I am not an Atheist

I am not methodical

I am not in a rush

I am not playin’

I am not taking a shave

I am not taking a break

I am not dead money

I am not explaining well

I am not believing some of my words

I am not an editor

I am only one man.

thank you!

To the loyal readers of Sneaker Files: Full length video interviews with Bobbito Garcia, Jeff Staple, and Scottie Pippen will be posted shortly.

Great thanks to the aforementioned three amigos and Rob Heppler for making this happen.

Brian Betschart
Founder and Editor of SF, Brian is considered an expert when it comes to sneakers. Collecting since he was in elementary school, his collection has grown to over 500 pairs and counting. Brian has published articles since 2004, and in 2006, he decided to create Sneaker Files.

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