Will Smith in Air Jordan Retro 1 Black Toes

I know a majority of us watch reruns of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” to grab a glimpse of what Air Jordans Will Smith is wearing. Good thing is, Will still wears Jordans. In his upcoming Super Hero movie “John Hancock” Will Smith is wearing the Air Jordan 1 Black Toes apart of the Old Love New Love pack. As you can see, they are pretty dirty but with the money Will has getting another pair is nothing.

Will Smith in Air Jordan Retro 1 Black Toes
Will Smith in Air Jordan Retro 1 Black Toes
Will Smith in Air Jordan Retro 1 Black Toes

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  1. wow…heart is broken never should be used like that not even for a movie not even sum1 rich should do that

  2. will got like seven og pairs in his closet. theese are probally the first in his collection and he wore them out. so what other way to send one of your og's out on a good note… put them in a movie to send them off in glory. dig!

  3. So. They were a gr anyway, so i guarantee you'll see 415156156 more pairs run down jus like that.

  4. A) the jumpman on there indicates they are retro

    B) sneakers are meant to get beat on

    C) the NAACP just had a funeral for the N word – time to put that to rest – it encourages racism

  5. He doesn't look like a superhero man, he looks like a bum. I think I could save those I's with some elbow grease.

  6. yo forreal. we all watch to see if they gun show smith wearin dem jordans on fresh prince.

    i saw him wearing the 12s the other day.

    hes been a sneakerhead for yrs. im sure he was real sadd wen he saw wat they had done to the jordans.

    but its still nice to see that the jordan are getting some movie exposure.

  7. anybody who has ever wondered what celebrity assistants do..here's one of their jobs. taking new shoes and making them look beat up vintage. you know that fool has zero dirty kicks, that he beat up himself

  8. Who cares about the 1s gettin beat? Its a damn movie outfit. I know just cuz ya'll didn't get yours you cryin that there goes another pair you ain't gonna get your hands on. They just shoes. Im sure ya'll got plenty in your closet. Just cuz they got the Jumpman on them doesn't mean you gotta run go get it. Half of ya'll probably weren't around to watch him play anyway, except maybe for the Wizards :P

  9. Fisrt You Dum asses Its for a Movie Shoot

    Second He probably got 12345678 pairs so shut up but mine still look nicer than this

  10. Ya'll act like he ain't got money to buy 5 more pairs. This dude was rockin originals prolly before half of ya'll where born, and your forgetting what sneakers are made for and not everyone treats theres the same.

  11. I still have my pair of Jordan 1 Original Black toes and they're in much better condition than Will Smith's.

  12. Theyre retros, and most likely made them look beat on porpous for the movie. (seems like hes trying to play the part of a bum) but its really cool of him to rock jordans. =]

  13. they looked painted it.the shoe itself looks new like it barely has any creases. its just the paint or sumtin and why r u people complainin its not like u'll ever wear the shoe, its really not that big of a deal

  14. billy rivers betta get with it. No one likes a preacher if it aint Sunday and we r not in church. i hav to agree with the majority …. i hate seeing those kicks beat up. I would like to know how a BUM is going to sport some jays tho. that doesnt make sense to me….ive never seen a bum rocks some jays–EVER! thats pretty wack if u ask me

  15. Im confirming those as Retro Old loves. Their was some confusion, but theyre retro's. No doubt about it.

    And someone mentioned "i never seen a bum wearing jays" jordans were selling for 20 bucks a pair OGs that is. Bums (or homeless people for the sensative) would find them on street poles, rob them from sales racks (because they were so cheap, if they got caught it wouldnt be a big thing) so they would wear them and keep them in theire cart (i know yall seen them). I heard of some collector who bought blacktoes off of a bum for 20$ and some slippers not too long ago. Keep an open eye. ;]

  16. dude you guys frettin too much atleast them shoes are doing what theyre main goal is to be worn. and if you get these which iss probably 0% clean them dont be a bitch

  17. DUDE….i have this package..i got it the day they came out….AND MINE AINT THAT DIRTY….how can they do this…they should have done them to like some 22's…cuz the 22's are FUGLY!!

  18. It's just for character you fools.

    It's a prop.

    Not out of style, I don;t think he would EVER publically wear Jordans since he has a classy status to maintain. More like Marc Jacobs or some shit.

  19. only hype beast would say some shit that jacob said.damn bitches there jus retros.shit i really dont give a fuck

  20. It's good to see Will Smith hasn't changed after all these years. Still rockin' the Js!!

  21. Thing that gets me.

    Is that they just took a pair of ds

    black toes and put

    black paint/dirt/makeup all over


    They are in great condition no real creases

    except just for all the coloring they

    put on it.

    Dude I'd still rock those to break in hahahaha

  22. Y'all!! It's a f***ing MOVIE!!! They are not Will's OWN sneakers, nor did he "disrespect" anything. Some wardrobe assistant probably found the shoes in a dumpster. Will plays a homeless dude in this so how are his kicks supposed to look???