By now most of us have seen the modified Retro models which returned the sneakers to their original form by removing the Jumpman and installing the beloved Nike Air.

In case you were wondering just how to accomplish this fantastic customization, the creator of the Nike Air replacement has created a tutorial for all to see. It is a long process, especially if you want to complete the project properly, but patience is a virtue when attempting any custom or restoration project.

Take a look at the video and let us know if you plan on returning your Retro’s back to original form.

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  1. this is a pain in the ass task and alot yall gone fuck ya 3’s up trying it. requires a very steady hand and i’ll go as far to say for even the skilled you will prolly jack up the 1st pair you attempt this on. very good method tho, i used a slighty thick vinyl sheet for my backing tho and have considered actually printing the nike stuff on the sheet instead of using a sticker. goos stuff tho

  2. pretty lame. i mean yea its looks great, but if i saw someone wearing tbs with the nike on the back i would think there fake. since last time those came out was 88 an they would be beat an unwearable. unless ur gonna take ur shoe off an show eveyone the inside tag to prove there real. its just dumb. i would rather buy an og an sit it on a shelf, but all these new school cats are on something else.