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Video: Reebok – Posner Brings It Unscripted

Posner puts it all out there. He wears his style on his sleeve and lets his sound and his walk do the talking.

We hang with Mike during the shoot and get to see the man behind the artist. He tries to decide which Classics to wear and tells stories of his first days rocking Reeboks like Allen Iverson did, Mike’s idol back-in-the-day.

It’s easy to see how this guy is a true perfectionist. Never stopping and always striving for the next thing. Posner shows us that while it’s been hard work to get where he is, it still feels like he’s just having fun.”

Brian Betschart
Founder and Editor of SF, Brian is considered an expert when it comes to sneakers. Collecting since he was in elementary school, his collection has grown to over 500 pairs and counting. Brian has published articles since 2004, and in 2006, he decided to create Sneaker Files.

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