Nike presents a video look at the overhauled with the update of Nike+ Running.

The Nike+ Running Apps link seamlessly into Nike rebuilt the site from the ground up in HTML5 for a better infrastructure, faster performance and smarter capabilities. The homepage features a new dashboard designed to give runners their key stats and activity summary at a glance.  From there, runners can access any of the enhanced features including:

  • NikeFuel: Runners now earn NikeFuel points for their runs, which means they’re able to compare their activity level across the entire NIKE+ community. 
  • Enhanced Social Sharing: Runners can share their runs, goals, achievements and maps with a single click.
  • Goals: Now front and center on the dashboard, easier and more personalized to keep runners on track and motivated.
  • Next Moves: A personalized content engine that serves up training tips, helps with goal setting and suggests activities based on runners’ data.
  • Nike+ Places: The revamped Nike+ Maps now offers enhanced social sharing and easier ways to find runs in runners’ cities – in addition to the heat maps, Nike+ Top Route leaderboards and ability to draw and create maps that runners have enjoyed.
  • Levels: Added milestones within levels, and an elite level of Volt for 15,000+ kilometer runners.

Beyond just running, the new NIKE+ profile is an all-inclusive, permanent home for all NIKE+ records, recent activity, and milestones – for any NIKE+ sport or device.